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    Escape into gorgeous Himalayan mountains from Kathmandu for an action-packed day of bungee jumping in Nepal. You'll wait on the bridge with bated breath and when the time comes, you'll step into the safety harness as an expert adventure guide tells you all that you need to know before jumping. When you're ready, you'll spread your arms sideways and take the jump of a lifetime, plunging into a free fall of over 500 feet over the Koshi River.

    NOTE: Prices displayed are for travellers from the Indian sub-continent. Foreign travellers may be subject to a premium.


    The activity site for your day adventure of bungee jumping in Nepal is located near the deep gorges of Listikot. Despite being easily accessible via a 3-hr drive from Kathmandu, the site is located amidst dense and remote wilderness, along the Koshi River. The bridge for the bungee jump is located over 500 feet above the Koshi River gorge, surrounded by alpine forests of pine and oak. From the top of the bridge, right before you plunge into a hair-raising adventure, you can catch calming views of mountains as far as the eye can see.

    This day adventure package also includes travel arrangements between Thamel, Kathmandu and the Listikot activity site, as well as a buffet lunch.

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    Experience the thrill of bungee jumping in Nepal. | Catch beautiful views of mountains and forests all around you. | Explore the natural delights of the Koshi River gorge. | Go on a thrilling day trip near Kathmandu.

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