• Trip introduction

    Mt. Kilimanjaro, standing at an impressive height of 5895 mtrs, is the highest point on the continent of Africa. This trek takes you into the heartland of Africa via the Machame route, to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is a medium to high intensity trek owing to the acclimatization that needs to take place from a medium to high altitude. Kilimanjaro is one of most interesting trekking expeditions by far, where adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers and photographers have an opportunity to explore the dramatically changing and breathtaking landscape.


    Truly one of the most fascinating treks, the trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro takes you through myriad landscapes abundant with flora and fauna. White faced Gibbons and other wild life, shyly watch from above as we trek through the dense African jungle on the first leg of our trip. The very next day, the trek to Shira plateau is completely devoid of any trees. The climb up the Baranco wall is an incredible experience, while the final summit push up to the Kibo volcanic crater and the Uhuru peak via Stella point is invariably done in deep snow through the night. This in itself is an incredible phenomena, when you realise that you are now just 300 kms from the equator. All in all, the Kilimanjaro expedition will be one of the most incredible and memorable experiences of your life.

    Destination highlights

    Trek through the dense African jungle | Stand tall atop Africa's highest peak | Capture stunning images of the vast and untouched African landscape

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    62 km

    43 hrs

    8 km

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