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    The Muay Thai classes in Phuket is an experience that teaches you the ancient art of traditional Thai kickboxing.

    Conducted over an hour, during this class you’ll be taught the ‘art of 8 limbs’ – a technique which features the combined use of fists, elbow, knees and shins. Taught by a highly trained English speaking instructor, you’ll master the art of pad and mitt work while improving the effectiveness of your punches and defense mechanisms. This training will help you improve your cardiovascular conditioning, hip mobility with greater emphasis on leg and core strength.

    A unique experience of imbibing the Thai culture, this class is ideal for beginners who wish to learn some form of self defense or fighting. It is a great way to test your body strength and pave your way to higher levels of Muay Thai boxing.

    Please note that must have a good level of fitness in order to book this trip. If you have any breathing, spinal or heart problems, please consult your doctor before booking this trip.


    For this Muay Thai boxing class in Phuket you’ll travel to the famous Belove Yoga Rooftop Studio, a yoga studio that lies on the rooftop of a building along the gorgeous Kata Beach in Karon. During your one-hour kickboxing session you can hear the beautiful sounds of sea waves and breeze in the background. A great place to master your skills, this studio offers you the ideal backdrop that mixes scenic views with a soothing effect. At the end of your session you’ll be offered some healing green tea to relax your mind and body.

    As it is situated in the heart of the city, this studio is easily accessible via many modes of local transport.

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    Learn the ancient art of Thai kickboxing through the Phuket Muay Thai boxing class. | Explore the endurance and strength of your own body. | Gain confidence as the class progresses. | Pave your way through the world of boxing. | Learn the first stages of Muay Thai in the best studio possible. | Enjoy the luxury of learning this art from a high trained instructor.

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