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Anjaneri fort trek in Maharashtra, India TripsDone

Reverse waterfall trek to Anjaneri
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Anjaneri Trek
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Anjaneri Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra

Anjaneri fort trek in Maharashtra, India

About Anjaneri

Anjaneri is famous for being the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, but for nature-lovers, the Anjaneri trek is a chance to delve into the forests and explore a rain-drenched mountainside. It is located between Nasik and Trimbakeshwar, about 20 km away from Nasik. Anjaneri fort is 4200 feet high and offers great views all around.

About the Anjaneri trek:

If you’re going on the Anjaneri trek from Mumbai, you’ll have to take private transport or take a train to Kasara station. You’ll spend most of the night travelling to the base village of Anjani, and start the trek in the cool early hours of the morning. En route, there’s a big waterfall, and if the winds are strong that day, you’ll see a reverse waterfall. The wind turns the spray from the waterfall and carries it upwards, drenching anyone who stands nearby. There are caves to explore, fine views to admire, and plenty of fresh air and rain clouds to make this a wonderful trek.

Route for the Anjaneri fort trek:

The Anjaneri fort trek begins at Anjani village. From here, it takes about 3 hours to get to the top. You’ll hike through rain-soaked forests, past numerous caves with carvings inside, to the top of the fort. You’ll eat lunch at the top, and will be able to see views of the Navara and Navari pinnacles, and the Anjani Mata temple. You’ll descend to the base village, where you can stop for evening snacks before you begin the journey back home.

Best time to visit Anjaneri fort:

The Anjaneri fort trek is best done in the monsoon when the weather is cool and the trail is green. From the top, you’ll get to see the land around, as well as the grey skies above.

What to carry for the Anjaneri trek:

For your Anjaneri trek, you should take appropriate rainwear and trekking shoes. Do carry your essentials like water, snacks, insect repellent, first aid kit, and camera in a small day pack. Don’t forget to pack a rain cover for your bag, or pack your belongings in plastic to protect it from getting wet. Also, carry a change of dry clothes and a long-sleeved jacket or sweatshirt to keep you warm on your return.