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    The tiny state of Goa is packed with scenic beaches, teeming forests and mystical waterfalls waiting to be explored. Although known for its hippie vibe and fun atmosphere, it also has a bunch of adventures to the lesser known corners of the state. Backpacking in Goa is the best way to get acquainted with those places, and truly experience the essence of this little costal paradise.

    Backpacking in Goa

    Goa has much more to offer than beach shacks and a buzzing nightlife. The state has a beautiful coastline with lesser-known beaches that have crystal clear waters and warm, golden sand. Since they’re easily overlooked by most tourists, the beauty of these beaches is mostly untouched and pristine.

    If you go backpacking in Goa, you will have the pleasure of exploring beaches like these on the Goa-Karnataka border, including Arambol, Neuti, Kumta, Gokarna and more, all on a small budget.

    You will delve deep into local culture with Goan cuisine and spend nights in tents on the moonlit beaches as you fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing just outside.

    Backpacking trip to Dudhsagar

    Located on the Goa-Karnataka border, the Dudhsagar Falls have been a buzzing destination for avid trekkers and nature-lovers for years. No roads lead to this towering waterfall and it is only accessible via train, so your best option to explore it would be an adventurous backpacking trip to Dudhsagar. 

    On your trip, you will trek through vast grasslands, paddy fields and abandoned train tracks that lead you to the majestic Dudhsagar Falls. You will witness its glory as it crashes into the pool below from a staggering height of 1000 feet, spraying cool freshwater all around. Some itineraries will also take you to the nearby Tambdi Surla falls and the ancient Tambdi Surla temple.

    Throughout your trip, you will spend nights in local hotels or enjoy a homestay that will get you up, close and personal with Goan culture.

  • Backpacking in Goa - 4 days

    Sketch itinerary

    Day 1: Mumbai to Kumta
    Board train to Kumta from CST
    Overnight in transit

    Day 2: Trek from Kumta to Belekan Beach
    Enjoy a delicious breakfast
    Ride ferry from Aghnasheni Port to Tadadi Port
    Have a packed lunch on your way
    Trek along a golden beach
    Games, bonfire and dinner at Belekan Beach
    Overnight in tents

    Day 3: Trek from Belekan to Gokarna 
    Enjoy a delicious breakfast
    Trek to Gokarna beach
    Explore the Paradise, Om and Half Moon beaches
    Lunch at a local eatery
    Board train to Mumbai
    Overnight in transit

    Day 4: Back to Mumbai
    Arrive at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
    Trip ends here

    Detailed itinerary

    Day 1: Mumbai to Kumta
    Your trip begins after nightfall as you board your train to the starting point of your backpacking trip at 21:30 hrs. You will spend the night in the train with other backpackers and arrive in Kumta by the next morning.

    Day 2: Trek from Kumta to Belekan Beach
    You will reach the tropical hamlet of Kumta by 09:00 hrs and munch on a delectable breakfast from a local eatery close to the station. You will then board a ferry and ride from the Aghnasheni Port to Tadadi Port in Gokarna, where you will begin your trek. The entire stretch to Belekan beach is gorgeous – your feet will fall on soft, golden sand as you walk along gleaming blue sea. You will enjoy a packed lunch on your way and reach the Belekan beach just in time for a fun-filled evening and bonfire. You will have your dinner and retreat to your tents on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.

    Day 3: Trek from Belekan to Gokarna 
    This morning, you will wake up to a cool ocean breeze and warm sand beneath your feet. After your breakfast, you will begin your trek towards the infamous Gokarna beach and explore several other offbeat beaches like Om, Paradise and Half Moon on your way. Enjoy your time at Gokarna and soak in the stunning seascapes around you before heading for lunch at a local eatery. You will then bid goodbye to the beach as you get driven down to Gokarna station. You will board your train back to Mumbai and reminisce your tropical getaway with fellow backpackers during your overnight train journey.

    Day 4: Back to Mumbai
    You will reach the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in the early hours of the morning. Your trip ends as you depart the station, onwards to your home.


    Transport, accommodation, select meals and guides.

    Backpacking trip to Dudhsagar - 3 days

  • Best time to go/Weather

    You can enjoy a backpacking trip to Dudhsagar any time of the year, but it is most exciting during the monsoons. Your trail will be lush with forests and you’ll cross streams that are in full spate. The Dudhsagar fall, now fed with rainwater, will be thundering as it tumbles into the natural pool below.

    Trekking through Goan beaches is operational from September to May. With mellow sunshine and the cool sea breeze, winters are the best time to go backpacking in Goa. During the monsoon months of June to August, the sand gets mucky and the tide grows rough, making the trek non-operational.

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  • Backpacking in Goa - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is transport included for backpacking in Goa?

    Transport from nearby cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore is included in most itineraries. If you are travelling from anywhere else, you will have to arrange for your transport to the abovementioned cities per your itinerary.

    What is the accommodation like while backpacking in Goa?

    What is the food like while backpacking in Goa?

    Is backpacking in Goa appropriate for beginners?

    What is the ideal time for backpacking in Goa?

    What should I wear while backpacking in Goa?

    What should I pack for backpacking in Goa?

    Is it possible to go backpacking in Goa on a budget?

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  • Depending on which backpacking trip to Dudhsagar or Goa you choose, you will have to travel to Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore by yourself. From there, the operator will arrange for your travel to the starting point of your trek by road or train.

    All three cities are fairly accessible by trains, flights and road from most Indian cities and are also well-frequented by international flights. However, your exact pick up location will vary from operator to operator, so be sure to check the trip details for the same.

    When backpacking in Goa, it’s advisable to wear light, cotton t-shirts and relaxed-fit pants. Wear sturdy trekking shoes that have been broken in so that your long hours of trekking are comfortable. Carry hats and sunglasses, especially in the summers. Carry ponchos or raincoats during the monsoons and light pullovers or hoodies in the colder months. Always wear a healthy layer of SPF 50+ sunscreen and insect repellent. 

    For your backpacking trip to Dudhsagar, you will need a trusty backpack that can easily carry your essentials while on the trip. Make sure you keep an SPF 50+ sunscreen, hand sanitizer and insect repellent handy. Don’t forget to pack your toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, paper towels, etc. Backpacking in Goa is incomplete without a fun dip in the cool waters, so carry poly bags to store your wet clothes or swimwear in and extra pairs of clothes and towels to stay dry. Always carry a refillable water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your trek and also some dry snacks in case you get hungry. Lastly, don’t forget a camera with ample memory to capture the beautiful scenery on your trip!

    Backpacking in Goa requires long hours of trekking each day, so a moderate level of fitness is needed. You can prepare for these trips a few weeks prior by going for daily walks, jogs and doing light cardio to build stamina.