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Backpacking Trip of Andaman Islands
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Backpacking Trip of Andaman Islands Port Blair ,Andaman Nicobar

Backpacking adventures in India

Backpacking adventures in India

These backpacking adventures in India introduce you to the world of travelling to experience a new place, but give you the ease of a guide and instructor so you don’t have to plan it. You’ll visit some of the most beautiful locations in India, enjoy laidback itineraries that give you time to soak in the atmosphere; you’ll dig into flavourful local cuisine, and roam freely through the country. On these backpacking adventures, you won’t find cookie-cutter hotels and packed schedules, but you’ll end up doing and seeing plenty of fun, new stuff.

When you go backpacking in India, you’re travelling light, always ready to head out to the next unusual location you heard of at the last coffee shop. These backpacking adventures take you deep into the most stunning locales and world heritage sites in India. Imagine exploring dreamy riverside towns and ancient temples inhabited by monkeys, or feeling just like Indiana Jones as you walk through red sandstone canyons and caves that stretch for miles, leading you to an underground waterfall. All these backpacking trips in India are yours for the taking.

Beach backpacking trips in India

When you're a hippie at heart, it's either the sea or the mountains that call to you. If you're the type that feels the pull of the ocean, you should consider skipping the crowded beaches of Goa and heading instead to the pristine beauty of Gokarna or Malpe in Karnataka. You’ll spend days with the sea breeze in your hair, exploring deserted islands, trekking across white sand beaches sipping coconut water, and swimming in the clear blue ocean, and you’ll end your evenings with bonfires and spectacular sunsets.

Mountain backpacking trips in India

Regions like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are perfect for backpacking tours in India and are beautiful any time of the year. What better way to spend your day than wandering through verdant green forests, or crossing rickety wooden bridges that go over sparkling streams? Head to the mountains for that pine-scented fresh air. These easy backpacking adventures in India are perfect for beginners who want a taste of mountain life. You’ll trek for a few hours each day, spend cold nights gathered around a crackling bonfire, and retire to your tents at night.

Other backpacking trips in India

With a country as vast as India, there are plenty of places where time slows down too. Take a short break from the world of laptops and deadlines and sign up for one of many laidback backpacking tours in India where you will join other like-minded travellers with wanderlust in their hearts.

Backpacking in Hampi

You’ll love the backpacking adventures in Hampi, one of the hidden gems of Karnataka, and a big draw for wanderers and truth-seekers. Here you’ll find the most fascinating landscape: giant rock formations that lie in the midst of paddy fields alongside a river. You’ll be able to trek to the top of craggy cliffs, cycle through the swaying paddy, and go on a coracle ride in the river. And on top of all that, there are ancient temples to peer into and hippie cafes in which to while away a couple of hours.

Nature backpacking adventures across India

If you’re a nature lover (and who isn’t, really?), you’ll love these backpacking trips in India that take you to some of the most magnificent destinations.

Gandikota and Belum

Visit the Grand Canyon of India, a spectacular red stone gorge in Andhra Pradesh. You'll stand on the edge and peer down into the bowels of the earth, over landscape so rugged and primitive, you can almost imagine dinosaurs ambling about. You’ll also descend 150 feet into the earth to visit the Belum cave formation, where you’ll see stalagmites and stalactites, as well as an underground stream. With dozens of backpacking trips in India to choose from, you could be stuffing your backpack this very weekend, and heading out for a fun, relaxed trip to somewhere interesting.