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    Adventure things to do in Bangalore, Karnataka TripsDone

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  • Adventure things to do in Bangalore, Karnataka

    Adventure things to do in Bangalore

    While not as famous as the treks in Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh, there are some wonderful locations for trekking near Bangalore. A short drive from the city takes you into a rocky, hilly landscape covered with greenery and tropical forests. For those living in Karnataka, these routes and trails are perfect for a weekend getaway from Bangalore. When you’re tired of the city, head out to the wild and find these things to do in Bangalore.

    Weekend getaways from Bangalore: Kunti Betta

    If you’re looking for trekking near Bangalore with some photo opportunities, this is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. Located about 120 km from Bangalore, this location is named after the Pandavas who are believed to have lived here during their exile. There are two hills to clamber over, with views of paddy fields all around, as well as a temple at the foot of the hill. You can expect a challenging climb, with some steep ascents to conquer.

    Weekend getaways from Bangalore: Kumara Parvatha

    Looking for a challenge? Kumara Parvatha is a popular location for trekking near Bangalore and is a good long drive of about 250 km from the city. It is ideal for a two or three-day getaway, as you can do one day of climbing, and spend the rest of your time in the forest reserve that Kumara Parvatha lies in. This is one of the toughest locations for trekking near Bangalore, so make sure you’re well prepared.

    Weekend getaways from Bangalore: Anthargange

    If you’re looking for an offbeat option for trekking near Bangalore, head to Anthargange. You’ll get to combine the fun of an easy trek, with some cave exploring and plenty to see. A natural spring rises in the hill and flows through the statue of a bull that is in a temple here. The caves are usually cool and dim and provide a welcome respite for tired trekkers. This is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore, especially for those without trekking experience.

    Weekend getaways from Bangalore: Bheemeshwari

    This lakeside location is perfect for trekking near Bangalore. It is close to the Shivanasamudra Falls and attracts plenty of tourists year-round. But on the trek, you’ll escape the crowds and enjoy some blissful solitude. Nature lovers consider this one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. Because it lies in the midst of a lush forest, you’ll find plenty of trails for trekking in Karnataka starting here. There are also some wonderful spots for angling and bird-watching.

    Best places to visit near Bangalore: Nandi Hills

    Nandi Hills is a popular day trip option for trekking near Bangalore. It is named after the bull of Lord Shiva, and there is an ancient sculpture of this deity at the foot of the hill. There is a wonderful rocky surface at the top, and about 1000 steps cut into the hill, and you’ll have a good climb with views of the horizon all around. This spot is popular for one-day weekend getaways from Bangalore.

    Best places to visit near Bangalore: Shivaganga Hills

    Yet another good option for day trekking near Bangalore, Shivaganga Hills receives plenty of adventure seekers every weekend. It’s only about 50 km from the city and has plenty to see. You can stop to admire the Shiva temple at the foot of the hill, before climbing to another Shiva temple at the top. There are steps cut into the rock, leading you up to the caves that you can explore.

    Best time for trekking near Bangalore

    Trekking near Bangalore can get very hot in the summers. However, in the rainy months from mid-June to late September, you’ll find the trekking near Bangalore is cool, green and misty. You can also go trekking near Bangalore in the winter, from December to early February, but be warned, it can get very cold. Carry enough warm layers to keep you protected.

    What you need to carry for trekking in Karnataka

    Ensure that you have a good pair of shoes and a trusty bag for any trekking near Bangalore. Carry at least two bottles of water per person and a few snacks. Do carry powerful sunscreen lotion or spray to save your skin, as well as an insect repellent. If you’re going trekking near Bangalore in the monsoon, carry the right rainwear. If you’re going trekking in winter, dress in layers to stay warm.

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