Beach treks in Goa

Beach treks in Goa

Goa is full of tropical forests, cliffs that look over sprawling ocean horizons, and fierce waterfalls that tumble off rocky ledges. The top beach treks in Goa give you a great way to explore some of the lesser-known corners of the state. Some of the most popular beach treks in Goa are Neuti and Arambol.

Beach trek to Neuti

An almost virgin-beach, the Neuti beach is a not a well-known Goa trekking destination, but it's one of the top beach treks in Goa. Neuti Fort, which was built by the Shivaji, stands as evidence of Goa’s historic past. The trek takes you along a hillside covered with lush greenery, and down to the beach to explore the coves and estuaries of the area. This trek can be done in one day, and will give you a chance to discover the secret, secluded beaches along this trail.

Beach trek to Arambol

Arambol Beach happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, yet remains secluded because it's not as easy to get to. It makes for a great Goa trekking destination as you navigate through groves of cashew trees to get there, giving you the experience of walking through cool, humid greenery and emerging on a beach. You’ll also be trekking along the cliffs, which offers you a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea. For adventure lovers, this Goa trekking destination also hosts paragliding as well!


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