Every adventurer knows that the quality of their gear can make or break the experience. If you’re looking to start building a collection of adventure gear, start with the basics: sturdy shoes, a tough bag, and a few other essentials. Here are some of the backpacks and adventure shoes that The Great Next recommends, and they’re all available on Amazon India.


This list of backpacks has packs suitable for long trips, short trips, and day trips.

Wildcraft Gangotri Plus

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Wildcraft is one of our favourite made-in-India brands for adventure gear, and it has a great range of well-designed, beautiful bags named after glaciers and peaks in the Himalayas. This top-loading backpack is a winner, with its loops for trekking poles, sleeping bag, and anything else you need to carry. It comes with a hood, adequate external and internal pockets, rain/snow cover, drawstring opening, and padded straps. The pocket on top is really handy when it comes to stowing trail essentials like lip balm, sunscreen, energy bars, etc. The main compartment has a zippered flap that lets you divide it into two, so that you can put in shoes or sandals, or nightclothes and a toiletries bag that you might want to grab easily at the end of a long day.

Deuter Midnight and Ocean

Also known as the Deuter Aircontact, this backpack is priced for those with deeper pockets. The ‘Air contact’ harness system keeps your back cool while you’re hiking, and adjustable hip belt that can be adjusted to your movements. This adventure gear pack comes with a compartment for your sleeping bag, aluminium internal frame, and a rain/snow cover. The most thoughtful feature, however, might just be the small pocket on the hip belt, which means you can reach items (like cash, etc) without having to swing it around. The top is expandable to include an extra 10 litres.

Wildcraft Hypadura

adventure gear guide india

This nifty backpack is a great adventure gear option for mid-length trips. It’s fairly light, weighing in at 1.96 kgs and with a decent capacity of 45 litres. The bag is built from Hypalon (for resistance to wear and tear) and Litecell foam padding (to help it breathe and wick moisture easily). The bag comes with pockets both inside and outside, side loops to lift easily, loops for sleeping bag storage, and a rain/snow cover.


Wildcraft Eiger

Compact and packed with features, the Eiger backpack is just the right adventure gear for weekend trekkers and for day use as well. It has removable aluminium stays for back support, and well-padded back and waist belts to keep it close to your body. The front pocket lets you access trail essentials quickly, and it comes with Velcro loops for trekking poles.

Deuter Futura

Designed for day use on longer trips, or for day hikes, this bag carries your basics in a comfortable, easily-hoisted design. It comes with a rain cover, an Aircomfort mesh to boost ventilation, a lightweight steel frame, and adjustable straps. In addition, the bottom compartment is separate from the main compartment, making it easy to keep essentials close at hand.


When it comes to adventure gear, your shoes are critical. A trekker is only as good as the shoes he or she wears. While your backpack carries all your stuff, your shoes carry you! If they’re not right for the terrain you’re exploring, your adventure experience is not going to be as much fun as it could be. In some cases, the wrong shoes could put you at risk too.

The key to buying your shoes is comfort. Everything else is secondary. If you put your new shoes on, you should feel comfortable immediately. Also, choose a pair that fits you with a little extra space. You’ll be wearing thick socks and your feet are going to be swollen by the end of the trail, so you’ll need that breathing room if you want to avoid blisters. And trust us, you want to avoid blisters!

Adidas Aztor Mid Trekking and Hiking Boots

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This model is suited for hiking and multifunctional outdoor usage. Breathability is taken care of, thanks to mesh underlays and quick-drying synthetic overlays. The long-lasting mid-sole cushioning should see you through many adventures, and their TRAXION® technology supports your feet in wet conditions.

Adidas Ax2 Multisport Training Shoes

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This low-cut pair of trekking and hiking shoes offers you a lightweight option for hiking and outdoor adventures. This model has mesh underlays and synthetic upper materials, as well as breathable inners to keep your feet dry while trekking. With the EVA midsole and TRAXION® rubber outsole, your feet stay supported and you get optimal grip.


Lifestraw Go Personal Water Purifier Bottle

Imagine that you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, with the last few drops of water left in your bottle, staring at a natural pond filled with murky water, and wondering how much of a risk-taker you are. If you had the Lifestraw bottle, you’d be a happy camper.

This award-winning bottle by Vestergaard turns river or pond water into safe drinking water. It filters out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoa including Giardia. Basically, you can use it to purify water from ponds and rivers, out in nature.

Solar accessories

Out there in the wild, you may not have electricity for days on end. That’s why you need solar energy for your devices. These cool tools will charge your phone and give you light on camping nights.

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