As stress levels rise across the working population, productivity and motivation plummet to lower than ever before. As an employer, some of our most pressing concerns are employee health, morale, and attrition. And while there are many ways to improve your employee satisfaction, planning a series of office trips is one of the most effective ways. Once you read about the many benefits of incentive travel, you’ll be convinced too.


#1: Benefits of incentive travel: It’s an investment, not an expense.

The many benefits of team outings means that you get much more than you paid for. In an article by Wall Street Journal, the author quoted this study by Oxford Economics USA, in which they found that the money spent on incentive travel yields a return of more than 400% – that’s a spectacular return! It has everything to do with the fact that spending time in the great outdoors can leave you feeling energetic, less stressed, and more happy, creative and productive – even after the trip has ended.

#2: Benefits of incentive travel: Nature is the best stress-buster

Our work culture ensures that we spend most of our working hours in offices, surrounded by screens and devices. The stress from our day often carries over into our personal time, and it starts to add up over time. The last thing you want is an army of depleted or sick employees.

Instead, take them out into nature. Multiple studies, including these ones by the universities of Stanford and Harvard show that being outdoors in nature reduces the level of cortisol (the stress hormone), improves focus and energy, helps lower blood pressure, diminishes anxiety, and increases a feeling of peace and well-being.


#3: Benefits of incentive travel: It’s the glue that will bring your team together

When a group of strangers have to collaborate and work together, it’s important that they know and understand each other better. If you can get your teams to spend quality time together, you’ll be fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and a stronger team.

Team building is also a concern when you have a large number of new joinees in office. A holiday together will help them integrate faster and smoother than any number of in-office activities. Nothing breaks the ice better than a fun escapade in which everyone build some fun memories, takes pictures, and gets to know each other better.

#4: Benefits of incentive travel: Build loyalty and engagement

Are you afraid that your employees don’t feel embedded? Worried that they don’t feel loyal to the brand? Employees that aren’t engaged have a higher chance of leaving than their engaged counterparts. To tackle it, you must get down to the root cause of their disengagement, and there are many: maybe they don’t know the people around them enough to care (in which case, refer to the point above); or maybe they feel like you don’t care about them or that you don’t appreciate their work. A team trip gives you a chance to turn colleagues into friends, and to offer rewards for their efforts.


#5: Benefits of incentive travel: It’s what your employees want

About a decade ago, corporate incentives and rewards were handed out in the form of household products or coupons for groceries or shopping, but that practice is seen as outdated and impersonal now. According to a study quoted in Business Insider India, 96% of employees feel motivated by incentive travel, and say that increases their feelings of loyalty.

#6: Benefits of incentive travel: It boosts the creative mind

Getting your team into the wild improves more than just teamwork. When they’re required to step out of their comfort zones, your team will show enhanced creativity and better problem solving skills. And this is not just the writers or designers (or any other traditional creative roles) in your company – everyone becomes more innovative in nature. According to Outside Online, even a short time spent in nature helps to rest the brain and boost cognitive functioning.

#7: Benefits of incentive travel: It keeps your employees fit and healthy.

The physical wellbeing of your office employees is connected to their productivity levels and overall happiness. Healthy employees sleep better, are more attentive, have lower absenteeism and sharper memory, and can focus better than someone who is ill or tired all the time. While it might not be possible to schedule a regular list of outdoor activities and exercises for everyone, even a single trip has great health benefits.

You don’t have to limit your team travel to places around your city. Why not consider a short Himalayan trek with camping? Why not head to the Andamans for a totally unique office getaway? You could also go to Rishikesh for a fun rafting and camping experience mixed with sightseeing. If your company has the budget for it, Thailand is a great option and will give the team a real boost of motivation! You’d be surprised at the options.

These are the most popular locations for corporate offsites, but there are many lesser known spots that we add every day. You can customize your trip and add specific events, or decide on a goal that you want to achieve for a team training session.

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