If you’re looking for your GREAT NEXT, here are the best bungee jumping spots in India. Bungee jumping is one of the fastest growing adventure sports with the Indian thrill-seeker, and there are plenty of options around.

The best bungee jumping spots in India: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Head out to Rishikesh, the gateway to the Himalayas, for the best bungee jumping spot in India. With the river below you, the mighty Himalayas all around, and views over the treetops, you’ll have the best bungee experience ever! Run by ex-Army officers, Jumpin Heights has Jump Masters from New Zealand and follows only the highest safety standards here.

You’ll climb up to India’s highest fixed platform bungee, at a height of 83 metres or 270 feet. You’ll take a deep breath, look around at the mountains and the treetops, take in the silence… and then JUMP! You’ll plummet through the air, freefalling from the height of a 22 storey building, while the river below rushes towards you. And then, in slow motion, the thick cord around your ankles bounces you back gently. Once you’ve caught your breath, you’ll be lowered into the river below, into 2 feet of water where you’ll be grateful to touch land again.

You’ll also get your Dare to Jump certificate. Bungee jumpers must be over 12 years of age. Min. weight: 40 kgs. Max weight: 110 kgs.

While you’re here, you can also try out the Giant Swing or Asia’s longest Flying Fox. If one bungee jump is enough jumping for the day, book a rafting trip in the Ganges instead, or camp by the river, or go for a trek in Uttarakhand.

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Best bungee jumping spots in India: Della Adventure Park, Maharashtra

Located in Lonavala and a convenient two hours drive from Mumbai and one hour from Pune is Della Adventures, India’s first extreme adventure park for high-adrenaline activities and fun! This park can host over 2000 people every day and is the perfect way to do something new with family or friends.

It’s also one of the best bungee jumping spots in India, because thrill-seekers from Mumbai and Pune can head there on a day trip. You jump from a height of 150 ft, earning a certificate at the end of it. People above the age of 10, with a body weight of above 35 kgs are allowed to take the jump.

Best bungee in India: Delhi

Wanderlust in Delhi conducts bungee jumping from a crane at the height of 130 feet. These guys have been offering bungee jumping in India since 1999, with staff trained in Germany and equipment from Japan. They specialize in crane, bridge and tower jumps. After you jump, you get a certificate, as well as a t-shirt and cap. This is one of the best bungee jumping spots in Delhi, India.

Best bungee spots in India: Goa

For first timers, there is a bungee jumping platform at a height of 80 ft on the gorgeous Anjuna Beach. The shorter height is much less daunting than the ones in Rishikesh and Lonavla, and the beach-side setting makes it one of the best bungee jumping spots in India. Gravity Adventure Zone conducts the jump, but it was installed by a US-based company.

Best bungee spots in India: Bangalore

Bangalore has a huge population of thrill-seekers, and offers bungee jumping at Kanteerava Stadium. Here, Ozone has set up a bungee crane where you’ll jump from 80 feet high.

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