If you haven’t been trekking in the monsoon yet, you’re missing out on one of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever have. The experience of trekking through the Sahyadris in the rain is unlike any other seasons—it’s a pure blend of physical challenges and mental rejuvenation. Here are a few reasons why the best monsoon treks are the right exactly what you need this season!

You’ll enjoy a great workout

Photo: Amit Thaker

Trekking through the rain-drenched wilderness of the Sahyadris is a good way to challenge yourself physically. You will wade through gushing streams and rivers, ascend steep, muddy trails which leave you breathless, cautiously clamber up slippery rocks and make your way through thorny bushes to reach the tops of these rolling hills.

And it’s not all physical challenges; when you find yourself walking along the edge of a cliff or climbing up a mossy rock pinnacle on all fours, you’ll need laser focus and guts of steel. Some of the best monsoon treks offer both a physical AND mental challenge!

You’ll see exceptionally beautiful landscapes

Photo: Dheeraj Soni

If you’ve been to Sahyadris in winter or summer, you’ll be surprised to see how beautifully they are on rainy days. In the monsoon, the Western Ghats are transformed into a tropical green paradise. With verdant trails, lush forests, moss-covered rocks and the spectacular panorama of waterfalls cutting through lofty mountains, there’s always lots to see.

On your trek, you’ll find yourself splashing through puddles, rambling over rolling meadows covered in fresh green grass, and you’ll see the crests of tall mountains gradually disappear behind thick mist and dark rainclouds. Social media buffs find these views highly Instagrammable, and photographers come out in hordes to capture the drama of the landscape.

You’ll get back in touch with nature

Photo: Manthan Gupta

The Sahyadris is amongst the WORLD’S ten biodiversity hotspots, and is home to over 7,402 species of flowering plants, 1,814 species of non-flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species, 179 amphibian species, 6,000 insect species and 290 freshwater fish species. Whew! That’s a lot!

During the monsoon, the Sahyadris are teeming with life. You’ll see rare birds, tiny bioluminescent insects, as well as small to larger mammals. If you’re a plant person, you’ll love the sight of the blossoms and buds shooting up towards the sky, and seeing how the thirsty land is brought to green life by the rain.

You’ll see hundreds of spectacular waterfalls

Photo: Anurag Kakati

You don’t even have to go trekking in the Sahyadris to see waterfalls in the monsoon (just a drive to Lonavala is enough!) but the best monsoon treks take you deep into the hills to see the most wild waterfalls. In the monsoon, you’ll find massive waterfalls tumbling over the edges of cliffs and rock plateaus, gushing down from the edges of forts, and snaking down the mossy slopes of the hills. If you’re up to it, you should try the thrilling adventure of waterfall rappelling in the Sahyadris, but if not, you could always cool off under a smaller waterfall mid-way through your trek.

You’ll get some great photographs

Photo: Shiva Venkat

There are few seasons that lend themselves so well to photography as the monsoon. No matter what gets your creative juices flowing – pictures of raindrops on flowers, macro photography of exotic insects, wildlife photography, or dramatic landscape pictures – you’ll find something to inspire you here. You don’t even need a DSLR to get the best pics – just the right eye and a good phone camera.

You’ll feel great after a trek

Photo: Amit Thaker

Studies show that trekking in nature is one of the most efficient ways of reducing stress, and keeping up with this adventure on a regular basis significantly lowers the risk of depression. With all that fresh oxygen filling your lungs, you’ll feel energised and revived. And with the good workout that any trek provides, you’ll feel fitter and more active than you have in a long time.

If you’re a creative person, or if you’re just feeling tired of gadgets and urban distractions, going out into nature helps to inspire and refresh you, and remind you of the importance of finding joy in the present. And that means every trek feels like the best monsoon trek you’ve ever done.

You’ll find something for everyone

Photo: Anu Kini

You don’t have to be an experienced trekker to enjoy a monsoon trek. In our list of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra, there are easy treks for beginners, moderate treks for those with some experience, and tough treks for those looking for a challenge.

There are many options for monsoon adventures in the Sahyadris, and we can help you book any of them. Whether you’re a family with kids, a group of colleagues, a gang of friends, or a solo trekker, we’ll make sure you have options that suit your adventure style and your budget.

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