If you’re here then it could be for many reasons than one. But we assure you, that by the time you finish reading this article you’ll be hankering for a trek to Kedarkantha and, when that happens, please don’t stop yourself!

Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha trek in summer or winter – a beauty that shines no matter the season

Several treks in the north provide great experiences to its travellers and one of them is the Kedarkantha trek. This marvel is a great experience in summers as well as in winters. Though the reason why a lot of people prefer the winter Kedarkantha trek is for the snow-clad paths, lush pine trees and the frozen Juda ka Talab. These sights are simply photogenic and one couldn’t forget them for years after one witnesses them.

In summers, it’s the most delightful experience walking through fragrant pine and oak forests, and if you’re fond of wildflowers and watching exotic birds, this is the place.

If you’re a beginner, this is the ideal trek for you!

Located at an altitude of 12,600 sounds pretty high but the Kedarkantha route is quite gentle and perfect to go trekking for the first time. Since it takes just 4 hours of walking each day, the Kedarkantha route is not at all exhausting and allows its trekkers to walk around and explore the beauty surrounding it.

Sights that you can’t take your eyes off!

There is so much beauty on the Kedarkantha Trek that descending with a heavy heart is bound to happen. The gorgeous snow-capped Himalayan ranges surround you when you reach the summit, on the north, you can catch the sight of Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch and also the Black Peak. Also, the stays are as lovely as the trekking. You’ll be staying in comfortable tents and gorgeous campsites such as the Juda ka Talab and the Kedarkantha base, under the blanket of a starry sky. If I’d to mention the number of sights that you’ll witness, you shall fall short of your reading time but every bit of the Kedarkantha Trek is surprisingly beautiful. You couldn’t help following in love with the Kedarkantha route as it’s blessed with beauty all the way.

kedarkantha trek

Packing for the trek

A few things that will make your experience better are the right clothes and shoes. Pack a pair of trekking shoes that has ankle support and good grip. If you’re travelling in the winters, a good jacket is required, quick-dry apparel, trekking pants and thermals. Avoid any kind of expensive jewellery so that your mind isn’t occupied with the worry of its safety and you can focus more on the trekking experience.

The Kedarkantha trek is surely an easy one for beginners and will provide you with ample time to explore, walk and click pictures to cherish those memories forever. It is an experience that one shouldn’t miss. So, don’t wait, just get packing!

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