The Chadar trek takes you across the surface of the frozen Zanskar river, in temperatures that are well below zero. In the summer, the raging river is a perfect location for rafting, and during the winters, it transforms into a sheet of ice. The ice is so thick that the locals walk over it to get from one village to the next when the roads are snowed in.

Trekkers will walk over this frozen river, camp in caves and in tents on the ice, and trek past spectacular frozen waterfalls. While it’s a valley trek across flat ground that doesn’t take a toll on your legs, it’s the temperature and the altitude that makes the Chadar trek 2020 a challenging trek. You’ll be walking in sub-zero temperature during the day, while night time temperatures can drop to -25 degrees Celsius. Additionally, you’ll be at an elevation of over 11,000 feet, and will need to be fully acclimatized.

This Chadar packing list will make sure you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Chadar 2020 packing list: BASICS

1. One backpack (55-65 litres) with raincover: Sturdy frame, strong padded shoulder straps
2. One day pack (20-25 litres) with raincover: Padded shoulder straps
3. Waterproof trekking shoes: With ankle support and treaded soles
4. Waterproof rubber boots: With warm liner inside if possible. Buy a half-size bigger than your usual       size to allow for thick socks or swollen feet.
5. Floaters or slippers:With straps to hold your feet
6. One waterproof, wind-proof jacket
7. One pair waterproof, wind-proof trousers
8. One heavy jacket: Feather/down jacket

Chadar 2020 packing list: CLOTHING

1. Four pairs trekking pants: Dry fit, water resistant
2. Four shirts/tees: Dry fit, water resistant
3. One fleece sweater: Avoid woollen sweaters
4. Three cotton/daywear shirts: Long-sleeved
5. Two pairs thermals: 2 uppers, 2 lowers
6. One woollen scarf

Chadar 2020 packing list: HEAD, HANDS, FEET

1. Three pairs trekking/sports socks
2. Four pairs woollen socks: To be used at night or to replace wet socks
3. Woollen hat: Should cover your ears and fit snugly on head
4. Balaclava or buff
5. Down booties
6. Two pairs woollen gloves
7. Two pairs synthetic gloves: Should be waterproof
8. Sun cap

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Chadar 2020 packing list: ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES

1. Poncho/raincoat
2. Sleeping bag liner
3. Trekking poles
4. Two insulated thermos flasks (1 litre each)
5. Sunglasses with 100% UV protection
6. Photo-chromatic glasses (if you wear spectacles)
7. Headlamp/flashlight with extra batteries
8. Extra batteries/solar charger for camera, etc<
9. Thin quick-drying towel
10. Dry fruit
11. Snack bars
12. Chocolate bars
13. Energy powder
14. Extra plastic bags

Chadar 2020 packing list: PERSONAL CARE

1. Cold cream
2. Sunscreen lotion (SPF 40+)
3. Lip balm
4. Personal toiletries
5. Toilet paper roll

Chadar 2020 packing list: MEDICAL KIT

1. One hot water bottle/bag
2. Air-sickness: Avomine (6 tabs)
3. Allergies: Avil 25 mg (4 tabs)
4. Mild painkillers: Crocin (8 tabs)
5. Altitude sickness: Diamox (15 tabs)
6. Body aches: Combiflam (6 tabs)
7. Upset stomach: Immodium, Digene/Pudin-hara (10 tabs)
8. Crepe bandage (5 metres)
9. Band-Aid (waterproof) (10 strips)
10. Gauze (1 roll)
11. Leukoplast (1 roll)
12. Cotton wool (1 roll)
13. ORS (5 packets)
14. Betadine cream
15. Moov/Relispray spray
16. Dettol/Savlon antiseptic
17. Neosporin powder
18. Any personal or prescribed medicines
19. Warmeez/heating pads (optional)

Chadar 2020 packing list: DOCUMENTS

1. Passport size photographs (2-4 nos)
2. ID card with photo (Driving license, Voter’s ID) with photocopy
3. Medical certificate, signed by your doctor (if needed)

1. Do this a few days before you pack so you have time to fix anything that is broken
2. Before you pack it, go over your backpack carefully. Look for missing buckles, zips that won’t zip, or rips and tears that need mending.
3. It’s very important that your shoes are broken in and comfortable. Make sure the soles are intact, the laces are strong, and the seams are firmly in place.
4. Get new batteries for camera, flashlight, etc.
5. Check that all your clothing has zips, buttons, velcro in place and functioning properly.
6. Pack your clothing and gear in separate plastic bags to keep them dry.
7. Pack your bag and weigh it. You shouldn’t have more than 7-10 kgs in your large pack.
8. Put your backpack onto your shoulders and check that the larger, heavier items are not shifting around inside the pack.

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