The winter months are gorgeous in the Himalayas, with pine forests blanketed in snow, white-capped peaks, and views that seem straight out of a Christmas card. These easy snow treks are the perfect way to experience a true Himalayan winter.

We’ve made a list of easy snow treks that you can do if you’re looking for a fun winter experience, without any technical skills. These shorter itineraries will allow beginners to spend a few days in the snow-covered Himalayas, experiencing winter in the mountains, and camping at night in cosy tents. Here’s our list of top easy winter treks in India to book this year:

Easy snow trek to Kedarkantha, Uttarakhand


Kedarkantha is considered one of the most scenic winter treks in India. It is a ridge peak, so you’ll be climbing along a ridge as you get to the top, with spectacular views of Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, and Black Pearl. You’ll also walk through pine forests, and have a chance to camp on the banks of Juda ka Talab, a gorgeous lake that lies in a clearing in the forest. In the winter, the snow at Kedarkantha is thick and pure, so its great fun to trek here.

Level: The Kedarkantha winter trek is not difficult, and can be done by fit beginners.
Duration: 5-6 days, from Dehradun | Click here to see all Kedarkantha winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Kuari Pass, Uttarakhand


The Kuari Pass winter trek route winds through meadows and alpine forests. You’ll stop at sparkling streams, visit charming villages, and get views of Himalayan giants like Dronagiri, Kamet, and Mana Peak. At night, you’ll eat a hot dinner around a crackling campfire, and retire to your tent to sleep like babies.

Level: The Kuari Pass winter trek is not difficult, and can be done by fit beginners.
Duration: 5-6 days, from Haridwar | Click here to see all Kuari Pass winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Chopta-Chandrashila, Uttarakhand


The Chopta-Chandrashila trek has multiple highlights: the rolling meadows of Chopta, a night of camping at Deoriatal lake, the climb to Chandrashila Peak at over 13,000 feet, and a visit to Tungnath, the highest Shiva temple in the world. It’s a scenic trek at any time of the year, but in the winter, it is truly gorgeous. The snowy views from Chopta are dramatic, and you’ll be able to see the impressive Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Chaukhamba peaks.

Level: The Chopta-Chandrashila winter trek is not difficult, and can be done by beginners, but the optional climb to Chandrashila Peak is challenging.
Duration: 6-8 days, from Dehradun | Click here to see all Chopta winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Har ki Dun, Uttarakhand


Har ki Dun is also known as the Valley of the Gods, and is known for its charming landscape. You’ll be trekking through a valley filled with apple orchards, streams, and serene trails. In the summer, the ground is covered with wildflowers, but in winter, a white blanket covers everything. You’ll visit quaint villages, see the most beautiful views, and enjoy a winter experience.

Level: The Har ki Dun winter trek is not difficult, but it is 7 days long and has about 3 days with long hours of trekking, so you should be prepared for that.
Duration: 6-8 days, from Dehradun | Click here to see all Har ki Dun winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Nagtibba, Uttarakhand


If you’re looking for a short trek for a quick winter getaway, sign up for the overnight Nagtibba winter trek. This is the closest trek to Dehradun, so you won’t have to travel far to begin. Within a few hours of trekking, you’ll be far away from civilization, and enjoying your mountain escape. During the winter, the Nagtibba trek is very charming, with snowy vistas all around. Your campsite gives you great views, and you’ll enjoy a campfire and a night in tents. It’s perfect for beginners and families who can’t do longer treks.

Level: The Nagtibba winter trek is easy and short in duration, so it can be done by beginners.
Duration: 2-3 days, from Dehradun | Click here to see all Nagtibba winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Brahmatal, Uttarakhand


The Brahmatal snow trek offers the closest views of peaks over 22,000 feet, making it a great option for photographers or mountain-loving souls. You’ll start from Kathgodam, which is already high up, so you can expect lovely views from the first day itself. Brahmatal is a small alpine lake with a deep blanket of snow around it, and is rarely crowded. You’ll be able to see giants like Nanda Ghanti, Neelkanth, Chaukhamba and more at very close quarters, and will camp beside frozen lakes.

Level: The Brahmatal winter trek is moderately challenging, but can be done by fit beginners.
Duration: 6 days, from Kathgodam | Click here to see all Brahmatal winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand


The Dayara Bugyal meadows are some of the prettiest meadows in India, sprawling over 28 square kilometres, with rolling views of soft green grass. In the winter, snow carpets the meadows in a thick blanket of white. The views are spectacular all around, with plenty of pristine snow to jump in, and lots of scope for snowball fights! You’ll be trekking for about 3-5 hrs per day on easy terrain. You’ll also be able to see peaks like Bandar Poonch, Gangotri Massif I and II, and Kala Nag, amongst others.

Level: The Dayara Bugyal winter trek is easy and can be done by beginners.
Duration: 3-5 days, from Haridwar | Click here to see all Dayara Bugyal winter trek packages.

Easy snow trek to Dodital, Uttarakhand


The Dodital lake is a gorgeous freshwater lake nestled amidst an oak and rhododendron forest. The Dodital snow trek route winds upwards through these forests, with the Assi Ganga flowing beside. You’ll get to camp beside the river, so you can wake up to its gurgling. When you get to Dodital, you’ll be camping beside the lake too. Darwa Top is a short trek away from the lake, and you’ll be able to see peaks like Srikantha and Draupadi ka Danda from here.

Level: The Dodital winter trek is easy, but has some steep slopes, especially on the climb to Darwa Top.
Duration: 5 days, from Haridwar | Click here to see the Dodital winter trek package.

Easy snow trek to Auli Gurson, Uttarakhand


If there’s one place you go this winter, let it be Auli. Some of the best skiing in India (second only to Gulmarg) takes place here. Auli is a beautiful meadow in the Garhwal Himalayas, surrounded by craggy snow-topped peaks. There are apple orchards all around Auli, and you’ll enjoy pleasant rambles through them. There’s also a cable car to ride in, and plenty of snowy adventures to try. Gurson meadow is about 4 kms away, and has spectacular views of Dronagiri, Nanda Devi, and Lampak Massif. The trek to Gurson meadow is a scenic one that winds upwards through charming Himalayan villages and forests, stopping by streams for lunch.

Level: The Auli-Gurson winter trek is an easy one that is suitable for beginners.
Duration: 1 day, from Auli

When to go for an easy snow trek

Easy snow treks in India are possible from late December onwards, or once the snowfall begins. If you’re looking to skip peak season rates between the 20th Dec to the 5th Jan, plan to go after the New Year rush dies down.

What to carry for an easy snow trek

Make sure you’re fully equipped for your easy snow trek. The most important item is your shoes – wear the wrong shoes and your whole experience could be ruined. You will need trekking boots that keep your socks dry even as you walk through snow. Most operators will provide you with gaiters when you do an easy snow trek, but do check before you leave. You will also need a thick winter jacket, and thermal underclothing. Dress in layers, so that you can adapt to the changes in weather during each day of trekking. Apart from that, you’ll need enough warm wear to protect your extremities: a woollen hat, gloves, woollen socks (you’ll wear these at night, not while trekking) and a scarf. Carry a thick moisturizer for your face, as well as lip balm and sunscreen. Sunglasses are a must, to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun on the snow.

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