You can identify a true biker in India by knowing whether a Leh Ladakh bike trip is in their bucket list. Featuring stunning views of snow-capped mountains, long winding roads, mountain peaks that kiss the sky and craggy landscapes, the call of a Ladakh bike trip is something no biker can ignore for too long.

Biking in Ladakh

When to go

Consider going between the months of June to September to get the most mileage out of your Leh Ladakh bike trip. The weather is most pleasant during this time of the year with plenty of sunlight and warmth which allows you to roam the wild lands in relative comfort.

The winters might be unbearable for most people with minimum temperatures falling below the zero mark. The monsoon season is best avoided as far as bikers are concerned which is thankfully very short-lived in this cold desert.That being said, the best time for a Ladakh bike trip is always the time that works out for you.

How long is the trip?

Set aside a period of at least 15 days for the bike trip. This time ensures that you get to traverse the entire region at a pace which does justice to the idyllic landscape and to yourself. Every biker understands that the ideal bike trip is about distance and not speed.

What is the budget like?

Another consideration besides the time is the money. In fact, planning out your budget is one of the first things you should do when considering a Ladakh bike trip. While the budgeted amount is highly contingent on a number of personal choices such as the bike, accommodation and food, you should expect a budget of around INR 40,000 for a 15 day bike trip. This should easily cover all your expenses including the cost of permits, fuel and other miscellaneous costs as well as contingency costs.

What to pack

Although your trip price would include the blanket costs of renting a bike, fuel, food, and such, it’s important to know just what to carry with yourself to ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride. These items include a whole bunch of things, from protective gear and first aid to personal luggage and day packs. You can find a comprehensive list of things to carry in our previous blogpost.

Biking in Ladakh

What route to pick

The final and, arguably, most important considering (even more than the bike itself) is the route to take for your Leh Ladakh bike trip. Almost every one begins their route with Delhi as the base. With that in mind, Srinagar to Ladakh and Manali to Leh are the two primary routes for your consideration offering manageable road conditions and views that will have you stopping in your tracks every now and then.

The Srinagar route has no overlaps, a complete and satisfactory circular trip. The Manali route, on the other hand, circles around the jagged mountainous lands and offers more, both in terms of views and the difficulty level. Both routes average about 2300 kilometers. Which route to ride is for you and your bike to decide.