Every year, just before the rains sweep the western coast of India, a spectacular phenomenon takes place. Thousands of fireflies gather in secluded spots around the Western Ghats, lighting up their tiny bodies in a beautiful mating ritual. Numerous groups of trekkers head out for these rare fireflies trek in Maharashtra during these few weekends of the year, hoping to witness this wonder of nature.


Sign up for these fireflies treks in Maharashtra to see this for yourself. Hold your breath as dusk falls, waiting for that first spark to light up. Finally you see it – one blink and then another, and another, and yet another! In no time it seems as though the stars have fallen from the night sky and surrounded you in a mystical, glowing swarm.

There are a handful of spots in Maharashtra that are the perfect environment for fireflies to breed, hence bringing in swarms of the twinkling critters each year.

Purushwadi Fireflies Trek in Maharashtra
The tranquil village of Purushwadi lies on the outskirts of Kalsubai Wildlife Sanctuary, surrounded by lush greenery. The thick shrubbery and humid climate attract the fireflies, and of course, the enthusiastic viewers. You’ll spend the evening watching these fireflies, and then will return to the village homestay or to your campsite.
Level: Easy; no trekking involved
Driving distance: 6 hrs from Mumbai, 5 hrs from Pune
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Kurungwadi Fireflies Trek in Maharashtra
Within the dense, rain-fed forests of the Sahyadris, magic unfolds as the moon peeks through the treetops. You’ll camp beside Kurungwadi Lake, and just a short walk away from your campsite, the woods gleam with the luminescence of the little insects. You’ll follow the fireflies as it gets dark, enjoy dinner with your team mates, and fall asleep in cosy tents at night.
Level: Easy; no trekking involved
Driving distance: 2.45 hrs from Mumbai, 5.30 hrs from Pune
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Kurungwadi fireflies trek, Maharashtra

Bhandardara Fireflies Trek in Maharashtra
Bhandardara is a popular camping site in Maharashtra, due to its scenic lakeside location. In June every year, throngs of nature lovers wait patiently here to see the mesmerizing dance of the fireflies. From the open air of your campsite, you’ll hike a short distance into the forest to see the fireflies as they dash between trees. You’ll spend a good while marvelling at this before heading back for dinner and a night in tents.
Level: Easy; no trekking involved.
Driving distance: 3.5 hrs from Mumbai, 4.5 hrs from Pune
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Bhandardara fireflies trek, Maharashtra

Prabalmachi Fireflies Trek in Maharashtra
At the foot of mighty Prabalgad fort is a small village called Prabalmachi. It is located at the top at 2300 feet, on top of a hill, so everyone has to trek up to reach it. Thanks to its location, the village is peaceful and far from light and sound pollution, making it an ideal spot for fireflies. Hundreds and thousands of fireflies visit here, dancing through the trees and lighting up the forest around. You’ll watch them for a while, and then head back to the campsite for a bonfire and dinner.
Level: Moderate; an uphill trek of about 2-3 hours is required to reach Prabalmachi.
Driving distance: 1.5 hrs from Mumbai, 2.5 hrs from Pune
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Rajmachi Fireflies Trek in Maharashtra
The fireflies usually head to the dense forests that are farther away from crowds near Rajmachi. You can follow them and find hordes of twinkling lights within the lush greenery, mirroring the starry sky above. Hundreds of fireflies envelop you and your surroundings, as if welcoming you to their new home with thousands of little hugs. Let’s be honest, we doubt you’ve been to a better house party! This Fireflies Trek also includes a short trek to Shrivardhan and Manoranjan fort the next day.
Level: Challenging; requires trek of 3-4 hrs to get to Rajmachi.
Driving distance: 2 hrs from Mumbai, 1.5 hrs from Pune
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Kondhane Fireflies Trek in Maharashtra
This trek takes you through the thick forests that lead up to the historic Kondhane caves, peppered with Buddhist art and architecture. The caves offer a stunning view of the wooded Western Ghats, but the real magic is the thousands of shimmering fireflies. They flutter between the trees and drift away, as if playing a game of hide and seek in the dark.
Level: Easy; some trekking required
Driving distance: 2.5 hrs from Mumbai, 2.50 mins from Pune
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A fireflies trek in Maharashtra is an unforgettable experience, but these are extremely sensitive creatures that require specific surroundings. If you do decide to venture into their habitat, keep these things in mind:
Maintain complete silence during the trek. Fireflies are easily scared and will disappear if your group makes noise.
You can’t use flashlights/torches around fireflies. Excessive light threatens them and inhibits their growth.
Smoking, drinking and littering is strictly prohibited as it ruins their natural habitat and discourages breeding.

Heading for your first fireflies trek in Maharashtra? This Packing List for Trekking in Sahyadris is a quick reference for everything you’ll need for your trek.

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