If you’ve been under the impression that a winter trip in India couldn’t get any better than a snowy night on a famous hill station, you’ve got some rethinking to do! Because the majestic Chadar trek is here not only to shatter all your myths but rebuild your image of winter trekking in Indian to the highest level. If a winter wonderland is what you yearn, a winter wonderland is what you will get!

Gone are the days when you would glue yourself to the National Geographic channel being impressed by the snowy expeditions that people took all over the world, because now is the time to go out and do the same! Chadar trek is a marvelous experience that we would urge all trekking enthusiasts to take; after all, it’s not always that you get to march on top of a frozen river under the starry Ladakh sky. From the Chadar trek cost to the number of other iconic views the trek holds for you, here are just some of the reasons why you need to do the Chadar trek.

Frozen Rivers

chadar trek

Not only do you walk on top of a frozen flowing river but will also be able to witness waterfalls frozen in time. You’ll walk past these waterfalls that are frozen and create walls of icicles that tower over your head. On the path beneath your feet you’ll be able to see air bubbles from the river frozen under the ice. In some stretches, you’ll be walking on a thick sheet of ice, which sometimes have a river swirling right underneath.

Changing landscape

No matter which month you choose to do the trek, the one thing that will be constant is the change. The Chadar is constantly changing, all around you, every day. If the temperature rises or decrease even by just a few degrees, the ice thaws, cracks and refreezes, creating an entirely different landscape than the day before that. You will see weather-blackened barren trees stretched over the blinding white snow, providing beautiful scenery, with some rare mountain goats passing by you. Even with minimum to no flora or Fauna, the Chadar trek will captivate you in ways unknown to mankind.

Icy Caves

Another one of biggest attractions of the trek is all the icy structures that you will be able to witness up close. From age old caves that have become favorite spots with the trekkers to waterfalls that sometimes act as the only walls that you can hold on to, the trek gets you up close and personal with the enchanting side of Ladakh.


chadar trek

You would think that this spellbound beauty comes with rip-off prices, right? But to the delight of adventure seekers worldwide, the trek can be completed with a package as low as around 20-25,000 INR. That is for a basic budgeted 8-10 days trek. If you are ready to pay higher, you will be helped with a host of amenities and more days on your itinerary.

Although the beauty if the Chadar trek is beyond compare, you should always keep in mind that it is also considered one of the most dangerous treks in India. Surely it doesn’t require you to walk steep and impossible trails or carry heavy equipment or have an impossible packing list, however, it does require you to be prepared for any known or unknown mishap that may occur on the way. Keep in mind that you are trekking in one of the most remote part of the country in the coldest months of winter, when roads are closed, and water freezes in taps. There are a number of things that could go wrong. In addition to being mentally and physically prepared, you should also be financially ready to bare any extra charges to the Chadar trek cost in case of any unfortunate events beyond the control of operators and trekking guides like weather conditions, landslides, and medical emergencies.

The trek comes with its fair share of pros and cons but at the end of the day, it isn’t called the most beautiful trek of the country without reason! Go see for yourself!

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