The minute you talk of winter trekking in India, one of the first names that you will hear is of the awe-inspiring Kedarkantha Trek. A moderately easy trek through the mountains of Uttarakhand with the occasional glimpses of snow clad meadows and a panorama of majestic peaks; this is just the trek for you if you want to get your adrenaline juices pumping this season.

Perched at an altitude of nearly 12,500 feet, the Kedarkantha Trek can comfortably be completed within 4-5 days with an average trekking time of 4 hours per day. Remember not to confuse the trek with the famous Kedarnath Temple trek which is usually closed for the general public in winters because of harsh weather condition. The Kedarkantha Trek on the contrary is one of the most accessible treks for advanced and novice trekkers alike, specifically in the range of doable winter treks in the country.

kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha Trek Best Time

All this talk of winter trekking must have made it very clear that Kedarkantha Trek best time is the freezing months on December to February, Why, you ask? Well, the simple answer is because of its beauty! The snow topped mountain is visible to you from the very beginning of the trek, as if challenging you to conquer it, with every passing day it gets mightier and sublime, the end climb coming with its fair share of ascends and descends, but this difficulty makes it all the more worthwhile. As you step on the peak, you are enveloped by the fulfilment of having ended the trek, surrounded by a glorious landscape of snow-capped mountains for as far as your eyes can go; there isn’t much you can do other than be blown away by how utterly beautiful everything looks.

Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty Level

The Kedarkantha trek is the perfect one for beginners who have minimum to no experience and are willing to get a taste of what winter trekking feels like in the country. As long as you are moderately fit and have no underlying medical condition, you can easily complete the trek in the said time. However, to make things easier, it is advised to start engaging in some form of exercise like running, cardio or yoga. The journey starts from Dehradun, which is the capital city of Uttarakhand, a 9 hour drive from Dehradun will land you in Sankri, a remote village in Dehradun which is also the starting point of the trek. 2 days of gentle trekking and three nights of camping in dense snowy oak forest later, you will reach the much awaited destination. After breathing in the beauty of the scenic sunrise on the summit, you will trek back to Hargaon and Sankri reaching Dehradun on the 5th day of the trek.

Keeping in mind the itinerary and the Kedarkantha Trek best time, it’s time to get packing if you too wish to enjoy the beauty of the mountain peaks of Uttarakhand alongside other adventure seekers of the country. After all, if you are a travel junkie, what’s a winter without a winter trek isn’t it?

You’re all set to go for the Kedarkantha trek! If you want to book your next trek, talk to our travel advisors, ask questions, or find out about the packing list or inclusions, there are a lot of ways to get in touch. Check out The Great Next website, chat with us on Facebook, or send us a private message on Instagram!

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