Paragliding in western India is synonymous with Kamshet paragliding, such is the popularity of the region. It is arguably the most famous spot for the adventure sport within the country. The open spaces and pristine atmosphere make it an ideal spot for you to soar high and enjoy your time like a bird in the sky.

Kamshet paragliding

Step 1: Check if you’ve got the medical go-ahead

One of the most crucial considerations is related to your health and medical concerns. When paragliding in Kamshet, you will be at a height of over 2,200 feet above sea level. Should you be suffering from a chronic condition or have any medical issues, it is best to consult your medical practitioner before considering paragliding or any other adventure sport for that matter. Once you receive a clearance from your doctor, the sky is the limit – literally!

Step 2: Pick the right operator

Before you can strap on to the glider and surf the skies, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. One of the most important considerations is your flight school or paragliding operator. You can avail of the many choices after a thorough consideration of all factors including Kamshet paragliding cost.

Step 3: Choose the right time to go paragliding in Kamshet

Summers and winters are the best seasons to go paragliding in Kamshet. The skies are clear and the right winds more predictable in the months between October and May. The best time, however, would be between November and February, when the temperatures drop and the sun isn’t all too harsh.

Coming to the time of day, Kamshet paragliding can be done throughout the day till early evening, but the most ideal time is early morning. Try to book a morning slot because the weather is pleasant and the wind is conducive for your flight.

Though the Kamshet paragliding cost and its inclusions remain constant irrespective of the time of year and day you pick, there is a possibility that there will be a change in the exact location of your flight. Remember to check your confirmation emails or with your operator well in advance to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Decide on how to get there

Kamshet paragliding is particularly sought by those living in Mumbai and Pune. Not only is this because of its close proximity to the two cities but also because it provides its urban inhabitants with a rush of adrenaline and a respite from their hectic lives. It’s a simple 1-1.5-hour drive from Pune, and a 3-hour drive from Mumbai. You can even opt for a direct train to Kamshet, in case road travel isn’t feasible.

Step 5: Pack, carry, and wear the right things

You can consult your operator before you leave for Kamshet to inquire about what to wear and carry with you to make the most of your time in the sky. Clothing should be not too loose nor too tight. Body-hugging clothes might result in suffocation and loose clothing might interfere with the gear.

What you carry with you is highly contingent on your preferences but there are a few common items you can carry and others that you should avoid. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. You should avoid bringing along a cap or sunglasses (unless they have a band). Bring a bag with you to keep all these loose items safe and on the ground.

You should also lather yourself with plenty of sunscreen because you will be directly exposed to the sun as you rise above the clouds. Make sure to not eat a heavy meal and maintain a gap of around two hours between your meal and the flight time. Do not worry about carrying food for after your flight as there are plenty of options available, the expenses for which you will have to bear separately when you consider your Kamshet paragliding cost.

Step 6: Be clear on the paragliding pilot’s instructions

Make sure to pay complete attention to your instructors as they brief you before your paragliding sessions and speak up in case you have any questions or lingering doubts whether it is about safety or procedures. Having clarity on the pilot’s instructions is essential to ensure that you have a safe flight.

Step 7: Believe that you can fly!

Kamshet paragliding

Congrats! You’re all set to go on your Kamshet paragliding trip. If you want to book your next paragliding trip, talk to our travel advisors, ask questions, or find out about the packing list or inclusions, there are a lot of ways to get in touch. Check out The Great Next website, chat with us on Facebook, or send us a private message on Instagram!

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