Soaked in water, high on adrenaline, spirits soaring, and some mad energy of the team! That’s how we would like to summarize what a rafting experience is truly like! River rafting is one of the most loved adventure sports in India and also the one that people don’t mind doing multiple times.

Rafting destinations are pretty accessible, no matter what part of the country you live in. And when it comes to the western-central region of India, there’s no better way to experience it, than in the fierce Kundalika river in the scenic village of Kolad, Maharashtra.

rafting in kolad

But wait, is rafting practically a safe sport? What if you fall off the raft? What if the strong currents take you to a weird remote location, where no one understands your language? What if the raft dashes into the rocks and there’s no one to save you? Well, we know this sounds bizarre, but we also know this – river rafting in Kolad is absolutely a safe sport!

Let’s find out why.

Is rafting in Kolad safe?

  • Safety Gear: All the Kolad River Rafting packages provide you with high-quality safety gear – like a life jacket and helmet. It is mandatory for all, irrespective of their experience in the sport. Just wear your gear, follow the instructions, and you will be in for a wonderful and enjoyable experience!
  • If you are a beginner: The ones who have done Kolad river rafting before, know through experience, that this is a safe sport, and that’s the only thing we want to call out here. It’s not like you’ll face a crisis situation and not know what to do, just because you are a beginner. The safety measures are taken equally for all – the beginners, the experienced, and the guides themselves! Hence, nothing to worry about if you are doing this for the first time.
  • If you are a non-swimmer: Both swimmers and non-swimmers are supposed to wear life jackets during the activity, and, well, life jackets are supposed to keep you floating, aren’t they? We know you get the point – with the gear included in your Kolad rafting package, and the support of expert guides, it is totally fine for non-swimmers to take part in this adventure.
  • Are the guides experienced enough? The Kolad Rafting operators and guides are certified, highly trained, and experienced. They are well versed in the sport and know how to handle tough situations. Also, as a practice, all the guides embark with their groups together, so that they can attend to other groups in case of unforeseen circumstances. You’ll be in safe hands; of that you can be assured.

Rafting in the wild Kundalika river is a thrilling experience, one that definitely does not require you to take risks. You can have an amazing time, just by wearing all the necessary gear, sticking to the basics, and following whatever the guides say, no matter if you are a non-swimmer or a beginner. So why wait now? Get on the raft, wash off all the apprehensions, and get soaked in the excitement of the sport!

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