There’s something so magical and romantic about snowy landscapes and mountains. Is it snowflakes swirling in the air? Is it the quiet serenity that comes from the white-blanketed landscape? Is it the cosy feeling of huddling together for warmth? We’re not sure, but we do know that when we recommend the Kedarkantha snow trek for couples, they come back with rave reviews!

If you’ve landed on this article looking for information about where to take your partner, here are five reasons why the Kedarkantha snow trek is perfect for couples:

It’s an easy snow trek, perfect for beginners

What do you do if you are an experienced trekker and your partner has never been to the Himalayas before? A challenging trek is a bad idea for a beginner, but you want to do something that is of interest to you too. The Kedarkantha trek is one of the easier snow treks in India that is suitable for beginners, but will offer plenty for an experienced trekker to enjoy. Check out our list of other easy snow treks for beginners. 

Image credit: Siddhi Parab

The trail has a few gentle ascents and descents, and you’ll get to experience snow on your very first day. It only takes about 4 hours of daily trek time to cover this trail, leaving you plenty of time to take short strolls, build a snowman together, and spend quality time with each other. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner are both novices, or if you’re experienced trekkers looking for a light trek to enjoy the winter, or if both of you are at different trek levels – the Kedarkantha snow trek is the perfect fit for all winter trek lovers.

It has the most romantic campsites

Image credit: Saylee Umalkar

The Kedarkantha snow trek takes you to the most beautiful campsites. On the very first night of the trek, you’ll be camping on the banks of Juda ka Talab, a stunning lake that lies in a clearing in the forest. The snow is thick, pure and silent, enveloping the place in an aura of peace. It’s right out of a fairy tale! As you climb higher above the tree line, you’ll be camping at spots with excellent views of the majestic mountains all around and a thousand stars in the sky. There’s no hotel that can match the feeling of a campsite like this!

You’ll spend undisturbed time together

Remember those all-night conversations you had when you first met your partner? When was the last time you did one of those? All of us live in a busy world full of devices that are beeping continuously, and get home every evening without much energy left. With all these interruptions, it’s hard to pursue hobbies or goals as a couple, or to have deep conversations with each other.

On the Kedarkantha trek, you’ll spend all your time together, without your phones pinging. You’ll share meals, help each other over rocky sections, laugh at each other when you fall in the snow, and spend hours talking, marvelling, connecting and rediscovering.

You’ll always have memories of summit day

On summit day, you’ll wake up earlier than usual so that you get to the top before the weather changes. You’ll climb along a ridge to reach the peak, watching the sun rising higher in the sky. The rays of the sun swathe the mighty snow-blanketed peaks of Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Black Peak and Gangotri, Yamunotri and Kinner Kailash mountain ranges in a golden hue. The Kedarkantha snow trek will take your breath away!

kedarkantha trek
Image credit: Saylee Umalkar

The experience of being surrounded by this kind of beauty will be a memory forever, even if you’re just walking silently together and admiring the views. Psst! This is a great place for a proposal if you’re thinking of that!

You’ll get your best couple photographs here

The Kedarkantha snow trek will give you memories that you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your lives. And the postcard-worthy views will make it easy to capture great photographs that you will love forever. If you or your partner have an interest in photography or landscape painting, the Kedarkantha trek will inspire and awe you.

P.S: Don’t forget to take those crazy, cheesy selfies!


Regardless of your age, experience level, or orientation, the Kedarkantha snow trek will welcome you with open arms, to help you explore, experience and make memories together.

If you want to book the Kedarkantha trek, talk to our travel advisors, ask questions, find out about the packing list or inclusions, or read more about the trip, there are a lot of ways to get in touch. 

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