A typical solo Leh Ladakh biking trip isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, of course you ‘discover yourself’ and meet new people and have new experiences, but it cannot be compared with the feeling of sharing that joy of discovering something new with your better half next to you, especially when we’re talking of a land whose natural beauty can only be described as ‘heaven on earth’. And then there’s the added appeal of setting forth with the thrill of an adventure into an unknown place. That’s exactly what a Leh Ladakh couple bike trip is.

A Leh Ladakh biking trip tops the bucket list of travellers across the world for its unmatched thrill mixed with pristine natural beauty. It’s a land of serenity, calm, and landscapes that will completely make you forget everything else and revel in its quiet glory. The Pangong lake, Nubra valley, Buddhist monasteries, and the legendary Zanskar river are mesmerizing places to experience on your Leh Ladakh biking trip. Best of all, biking through the world’s highest motorable roads: Khardungla pass and Umlingla pass adds a huge feather to your cap of adventures and conquests.

leh Ladakh biking trip

The basics

A Leh Ladakh biking trip requires a lot more than just enthusiasm and adrenaline. Both riders on the Leh Ladakh couple bike trip need to prepare themselves well beforehand, both physically and mentally to cover the journey which includes a lot of temperature and oxygen drops, steep climbs and extremely rough terrains. Previous experience riding long hours is a must.

With a Leh Ladakh biking trip, the weather can be very unpredictable. Proper biking gear in addition to clothing is extremely important. Good quality, fitting helmets, gumboots, jackets, and knee and elbow pads are a few must-haves.

When biking, it is best to keep your luggage light. This will help you in riding for long hours, especially when the ascends are steep and the roads are rugged. Travelling light becomes especially imperative if you have a pillion rider since the added weight of the second rider is tedious enough. Also make sure that your package includes an SUV or a tempo traveller that will carry the bulk of your luggage while you keep your bare essentials with you.

Why Leh Ladakh biking tour packages are better than planning it yourself

You might feel that planning your own trip might work out a lot better and less restrictive, but unless you are an extremely seasoned rider, booking Leh Ladakh biking tour packages will always be a better option. Tour guides know the lay of the land much better, the fuel stops, weather patterns and the terrain. Tour groups have an SUV or tempo traveller to carry your extra luggage so that you can make the most of your journey, as well as a mechanic in the group to handle any unexpected issues with the vehicles.

Many feel that Leh Ladakh biking trip packages are restrictive and need adherence to itineraries, but the best part is that you can always customise the itinerary to your requirement or checklist, see all the places you want to see, and leave the hassle of bookings, luggage, routes, permits, pit-stops all to your tour operator! Picking a good tour package will allow you to relax, ride freely and enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. You’ll also have a very interesting and amazing experience meeting and travelling with like-minded bike enthusiasts from different walks of life.

leh Ladakh couple bike trip

How to travel when planning a Leh Ladakh couple bike trip

Leh Ladakh biking takes you through rugged terrains at high altitudes and requires both endurance and skill, not to mention a passion and enthusiasm for riding, which not everyone shares equally. This shouldn’t deter you from joining your partner in the adventure of a lifetime. The Himalayas are a transforming experience for riders, trekkers and anyone with a deep love for the mountains.

If your partner is as adventurous as you and can handle a bullet, you can experience the epitome of a Leh Ladakh couple bike trip. The best experience you can have is by renting two separate bikes and enjoy the Leh Ladakh biking journey together. It will allow you the fullest experience of adventure, adrenaline and joy of accomplishment. Riding separately makes the bike much easier to handle, will reduce the weight of a pillion and extra luggage, and you can sit more comfortably.

If your partner isn’t comfortable with riding, you can always have them as a pillion on your own bike. This experience has its own charm, one where you can ride with your partner while they enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and the thrill of thundering through the snaking roads of Ladakh. However, as a rider, you need to be experienced to manage the added weight of the pillion. The bike can be difficult to manoeuvre especially over the rougher terrain with steep climbs, river crossings and sharp curves. It also helps to pack light to reduce the weight you’ll need to handle.

You can also have your partner accompany you in the SUV or tempo traveller while you ride. This is a good option because sitting pillion for such long durations can get boring after some point, no matter how beautiful the landscape is. It is also extremely taxing on the body, especially if the backseat of the bike is uncomfortable or small. In a car, they would comfortably be able to relax, enjoy the views, take pictures while you enjoy the thrill of riding.

Irrespective of which route and bike you take, a Leh Ladakh biking trip will be an experience embedded in your mind forever.

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