When it comes to chilling in Goa, we all know the drill. Wear funky clothes, hit the beach, relax at the shacks, and ride colorful mopeds across the town. But did you know that there is one more thing which – although popular among tourists – is still not a “to-do-list” item? That thing is scuba diving in Goa.

And if you think that scuba diving in Goa for non-swimmers isn’t a thing, you are wrong. Of course, the ones who can swim are a bit accustomed to controlling their body and breath in the waters, but that doesn’t mean non-swimmers cannot enjoy the sport.

Preparation is the key. And if you really want to try this fun adventure out, we’ll help you plan for it.

scuba diving in goa

Guide to scuba diving in Goa for non-swimmers:

#1: Go for a Try Dive:

You’ll come across various packages for scuba diving in Goa – like Try Diving, Certified Scuba Course, or Fun Diving. Try Diving is designed for beginners. Under the guidance of your scuba instructor, you can go up to a depth of 40 feet for a time duration of 20-40 minutes.

Before the actual dive, you’ll go through a brief orientation followed by pool training to simulate the underwater environment. Make sure that your scuba package includes a pool session for you to be more comfortable during the actual dive.

Try Dives are an excellent way to experience the sport without the need for swimming skills and gauge your comfort levels underwater. Additionally, the price for scuba diving in Goa is the cheapest for Try Dives (starting from INR 2000 depending on the time duration and location).

#2: Try snorkelling

Snorkelling is another in-water activity that will give you a sneak-peak of the underwater, but while staying at the surface of the sea (with the floating gear, of course). If you feel comfortable with this experience and are able to put the water-related apprehensions at bay, then scuba diving should definitely be your next adventure stop.

#3: Breathing exercises:

Slow and steady mouth breathing is the key to doing scuba diving comfortably. As you will be relying on the regulator connected to your oxygen tank, you will have to breathe out of your mouth instead of your nose. Be it a swimmer or a non-swimmer – we are not used to this style of breathing. And hence, you might feel uneasy when you go underwater.

The best way to tackle this proactively is to pick up a couple of breathing techniques like diaphragmatic breathing. Doing Yoga is another excellent way of gaining control over your lungs. Your scuba training session will include a few tips and tricks, certainly. But if you prepare for it in advance, you will definitely ace this aspect of the dive.

scuba diving in goa for non-swimmers

#4: Follow the instructions

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure a smooth experience, yet often taken lightly in the rush of excitement. Your scuba instructors are well versed with the underwater and know precisely what problems do beginners (including non-swimmers) usually face. Make sure you understand all the instructions carefully and get your doubts cleared beforehand. During the actual dive, your guide will keep monitoring you and ask you for any signs of discomfort. Internalize the gestures for okay, not okay, up, down, etc. – they’ll come in handy.

#5: Additional Tips for Scuba diving in Goa

  • In case if you are highly motivated to do a complete certification course – which allows you to explore other rich marine sites and stay underwater for a longer duration – you must know how to swim (about time you learn that skill then).
  • The price for scuba diving in Goa may vary as per different locations, the inclusion of training sessions, time duration, stay options, etc. It is a good idea to check all the package details beforehand than face surprises later.

Like we said earlier, with the right planning, scuba diving in Goa for non-swimmers is not at all a problem. So, if you are planning a trip to Goa, maybe now or in the future, make it a point to include this wonderful escapade on your Goa bucket list. The underwater experience is indeed out-of-the-world, and should you desire it, you need not worry about your swimming skills.

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