Birds have been incredible motivators to men. Their fortune and ability to fly inspired us to carry out uncountable attempts to reach the sky. We made aeroplanes, gliders, and choppers; soon we wanted to feel the air on our face and began paragliding, hang gliding, skydiving, parasailing, paramotoring.

Such sports are mentally and physically beneficial; they help you to push your limits and overcome your phobias, stretch some muscles and gain physical strength. Just like any other adventure sport, it is a thrilling experience that excites you.

While living such a stressful life, everyone looks for some sort of stress buster. Signing up for an adventure sport like paragliding is like taking a challenge and completing it, you find your strengths and become more self-confident, get to travel, meet new people and experience their culture.

Kamshet paragliding

How you can go paragliding in India

Solo Paragliding

If you are already trained to paraglide, then all you need is the right location and equipment. If not, you can sign up for a paragliding course where you will be trained on the A to Z of paragliding, how to control the harness, what safety guidelines to keep in mind, and more.

Tandem Paragliding

If you are not a licensed or experienced paragliding pilot, then tandem paragliding has got you covered. As the name suggests, you will fly “in tandem” with a trained pilot. Both of you will be attached to the paraglider – the pilot does the controlling, while you get to enjoy the ride! There are multiple locations for paragliding in India where the wind conditions and landscapes are just perfect for paragliding. If you’re looking for a complete adventure experience of trekking, river rafting, and paragliding, and happen to be around western India, Kamshet paragliding in Maharashtra is your best bet. Himachal Pradesh in the north holds some of the most ideal flying places like Bir Billing and Kullu. Bedni Bugyal is also ideal in case your trip leg takes you to Uttarakhand.

paragliding in india

When to go paragliding in India

Summer and autumn are the best seasons to go paragliding in India. The skies are clear and the right winds more predictable. The most favourable months to go Kamshet paragliding would be between November to February, with cooler temperatures and good wind conditions. April to October is an excellent window to go paragliding in northern India as the region remains clear of snow and has fairly clear visibility then.

Coming to the time of day, paragliding can be done throughout the day till early evening, but the most ideal time is early morning. Try to book a morning slot because the weather is pleasant and the wind is conducive for your flight.

Though the paragliding cost and its inclusions remain constant irrespective of the time of year and day you pick, there is a possibility that there will be a change in the exact location of your flight. Remember to check your confirmation emails or with your operator well in advance to avoid confusion.

You’re all set to go paragliding in India! If you want to book your next paragliding trip, talk to our travel advisors, ask questions, or find out about the packing list or inclusions, there are a lot of ways to get in touch. Check out The Great Next website, chat with us on Facebook, or send us a private message on Instagram!

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