If you are short on time but high on adrenaline, then rafting in Kolad is for you. The Sahyadri belt, where Kolad rafting is done, is renowned as an adventure hotspot among adrenaline junkies.

Kolad is a small yet spritely village located next to the Kundalika river within the Raigad district. It is bursting with splendor and beauty especially during the monsoon season which is the most ideal time for rafting in Kolad.

Kolad rafting makes for the perfect weekend getaway for families in Mumbai because of its proximity to the city. It is located only four hours from the city and can be accessed via car, taxi, train or bus. It offers the ideal mix of adventure and relaxation to suit every member of the family while spending quality time within the lush green Sahyadris.

Rafting in Kolad

When to go rafting in Kolad

Kolad experiences relatively stable weather year round which makes rafting suitable at any time during the year. If you are looking to experience rafting in Kolad at its best, however, the monsoon season is your best bet.

The Kundalika river roars during the peak season adding to the fun and challenge of Kolad rafting. The winters are also a pleasant time to go rafting in Kolad but the visual spectacle on show during the monsoons is unparalleled.

Kolad is most recommended for those who are rafting for the first time or looking to add a pinch of adventure to an otherwise relaxing experience. Many of those who come to Kolad in search of an adrenaline rush also opt for bungee jumping in addition to rafting.

The schedule for the rafting is highly contingent on water being released into the river from the nearby dam. While there is a refund should the rafting experience be cancelled, there is none provided if you reach late which is why it is vital to be on time.

Kolad is best experienced, for all those coming from Mumbai as a two day trip. There are a number of camp sites and other stay options available for you to rest after a tiring yet satisfying Kolad rafting experience.

Make sure you do not load up on heavy food before as rafting in Kolad, like any adventure sport, is best enjoyed on a light stomach. Do carry some water and snacks with you to replenish your energy after the exhausting but exhilarating experience.

Kolad rafting

What you need to carry

Remember to pack quick drying clothes and avoid cotton based garments especially for the rafting. Carrying valuables is best avoided during the entire rafting experience lest you lose them to the water. You do not need to carry a camera with you as most operators take pictures during the entire trip which can be purchased post the rafting.

Make sure to coat yourself with sunscreen and wear sturdy water-proof footwear. If you have any health concerns it is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before considering a trip to idyllic Kolad rafting.

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