If you have reached here, it means either of two things – either you are looking to try out scuba diving in Andaman, and want to ensure a perfect first-time experience, or you have already tasted the sea and are now eyeing bigger fishes to fry (yes, we are high on puns). Every scuba enthusiast is bound to ask themselves whether a scuba diving course in Andaman – or Goa – is worth it or not. What benefits does it exactly bring to the table? We are here to answer it.

Why should I do a Scuba Diving Course in Andaman?

  • Dive into the topic

It’s not an everyday thing for us to spend time underwater, breathing from an oxygen tank, trying to adjust to the sea-level pressure. But, knowing the right technique to do so, can help you steer the underwater with ease, and experience it to the fullest. A scuba diving course in Andaman will help you understand the technical know-how of the sport – the gear, advanced concepts, and terminologies – and get better at navigating your body in the water. You’ll come out of the training, feeling like a pro, all set to deal with the underwater challenges.

  • Explore the unexplored

A scuba diving certification is a pass to the remotest of scuba diving locations, otherwise inaccessible to casual divers. Your first dive might be just for fun, but once you experience the beauty of this alien world, you would want to explore more. There are a lot of scuba diving spots, not only in Andaman but globally, that are lesser touched, with an extremely rich marine life. These are accessible only to certified scuba divers, considering the challenges one might face due to the depth and sea pressure. So if you don’t intend to miss out on experiencing these rare spots, a scuba diving certificate is a must.

Why is Andaman the best place for a scuba diving course:

When it comes to doing things in Andaman, scuba diving definitely makes it to the top. Extremely rich marine life, clear and warm waters, and enjoyable weather make Andaman a sought-after scuba diving destination. The Andaman islands hold several scuba diving sites with experienced and expert scuba instructors.

The packages for beginners start from Rs. 20-22k, and go till 30-40k, depending on the level of certification, the number of dives covered, and the location. The course typically takes 2-4 days for completion, as per the package that you go for.

A superior scuba diving course experience is unquestionable, here at the Andamans.

scuba diving course in andaman

What you need for a scuba diving course in Andaman:

  • You should know how to float in water without support a.k.a swim
  • You should be medically fit to be underwater
  • You should demonstrate high enthusiasm whenever demanded (or you can exhibit the same at your will)

Scuba diving course in Goa – a worthy alternative

When in Goa, why not scuba? Yes, apart from the colorful towns and fancy beaches, Goa also has some good scuba diving sites to offer. With decent water visibility, warm waters, and easier accessibility as compared to the Andamans, scuba diving in Goa is definitely a good alternative. The packages for a scuba diving course in Goa range from Rs. 20K to Rs. 30K depending on the level of certification and course period.

Scuba diving is an extremely fulfilling sport, and doing a scuba diving certification – in Andaman or Goa – is THE way to get the most out of it. The mysteries that lie underwater, are waiting to be explored, but only for the ones who are ready to put additional efforts towards it. So, get certified, and unravel the world beneath.

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