An epic road trip is a dream of every traveller. Hitting the road with your favourite people, or finding new friends along the way as you go solo, is as tempting as it sounds. And when we say road trip, it’s impossible to leave out the charming valley of Spiti. A Spiti road trip, one of the most desired trips for many travellers, is filled with unique experiences and cultural easter eggs all the way. Right from stunning views of some of the world’s most famous peaks to quaint villages and the arid landscape of the valley, there’s a whole new world left to discover.

Spiti valley road trip

This is Spiti

Lying at the intersection of India and Tibet, this quaint valley offers a stunning experience to its travellers. No matter the duration or route of your road trip to Spiti, you will have the constant backdrop of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and far-stretching sepia landscapes as far as the eye can see. You will explore ancient monasteries of Key & Dhankar, the Choie Waterfall, the crescent Chandratal Lake, and a string of high-altitude villages that are brimming with culture and beauty in equal parts.

The road trip to Spiti offers a host of mesmerising splendours and dreamy experiences like no other. You will halt, take pictures, admire the beauty around, devour the local cuisine, and enjoy a cup of piping hot tea or a mug of chhang, a locally-brewed barley beer, as you hear age-old tales from the locals.

Spiti road trip

What you’ll see on your road trip to Spiti

Spiti has, for years, been one of the best destinations for road and bike trips for more reasons than one. The rich presentation of Indo-Tibetan culture is prominent throughout your road trip to Spiti, along with glorious views of Himalayan mountains and distant glaciers.

On this trip, you not only make your way through Spiti, but also stay at and immerse yourself into the local cultures at some of the highest inhabited villages in the world. Your road trip takes you through numerous villages like Komic, the village with the highest monastery in Asia, Hikkim, the home to the highest post office in the world, Langza, which is famously known as the fossil village of India, and Chicham, where you’ll find the highest bridge in Asia. Sounds like a whole bunch of ticks in the bucket list!

The splendid Chandratal Lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and sparkling with turquoise waters, is another highlight of your trip. Relaxing at its banks as the waves gently lap at your feet is a welcome break from being on the road for hours on end.

Things to pack for the Spiti valley road trip

Keep in mind that you’ll be seated and on the road for a significant part of your day. This means that you must carry clothes that will keep you comfortable throughout the trip. Temperatures in Spiti can also drop drastically, especially during the nights, so make sure to pack full-sleeved t-shirts, full-length bottoms, jackets, and thermal wear to keep you warm. Make sure you carry all your daily essentials like the required toiletries, medicine packs, towels and napkins, and some light packaged snacks.

Keeping in mind the COVID-19 guidelines, make sure you pack ample sanitiser, multiple masks for the long duration of your trip, and the required documents as per the latest notices issued by the local government.

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