Only a handful of treks in India appeal to both experienced and novice trekkers in equal measure and one among them is the Kedarkantha trek. It is nearly a week long hike that has you trekking in Uttarakhand through the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park.

There are reasons aplenty for the popularity of this trek, one of the most prominent ones being the summit climb. The climb to the top of the Kedarkantha trek is satisfying and fulfilling, to say the least.

What you’ll see on the Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha trekFrom the outset of your adventure, the peak is visible. It mocks you and challenges you right from the beginning, providing the necessary fuel for your internal fire. You will need to channel that fire and desire because the climb is not straightforward; the steepness increases steadily throughout.

As you get near the summit, you will find that the climb adds a layer of complexity. It is this difficulty in the final leg that makes the conquest of the peak all the more worthwhile when you finally reach the top and gorge on the mesmerizing views of the mighty Himalayas.

It is an unrivaled feeling of awe and accomplishment packaged into one and is one of the primary reasons why some many beginners prefer to go trekking in Uttarakhand. The summit is not the sole factor that calls out to trekkers though; the Kedarkantha trek also boasts of unparalleled clearings and forests.

Camping at Kedarkantha

Camping at Kedarkantha
The breathtaking clearings make for ideal campsites as you tuck in for some well-deserved rest every night. Most of the clearings are at ideal points offering you stunning vantage points to take in the vistas all around. The forests are thick and populated by a mind-boggling number of different trees making it difficult to keep your eyes on the path ahead.

How do I prep for the Kedarkantha trek?

While the trek is branded as an easy to moderate one, it is best suited for those with moderate levels of fitness. It begins at Gaichwangaon at a height of 6800 feet before rising swiftly to 12,500 feet at the peak. All in all, that equates to a steady ascent with altitude gains of over 6000 feet during the days of the climb.

It is for this reason that the trek demands moderate levels of fitness. If you have not exercised in a while then it is recommended that you build up cardiovascular endurance before considering trekking in Uttarakhand.

You can kick off your training regimen by jogging at a slower pace, at first, till you can run comfortably at a respectable pace. It is best if you can combine distance and speed training in your sprints to ensure you are in top shape to tame the higher altitudes.

The Kedarkantha hike is most famous as a winter trek, being one of the very few hikes that is accessible even during the colder months of north India. That being said, the trick is every bit as enjoyable during the other times of the year, be it the summer or monsoon.