Spending most of your life and time on land, you are likely to forget that we live on an oceanic planet. Most of the planet is not on land but actually under the vast waters that occupy a two-thirds of this world. Scuba diving is one of the rare adventure sports that lets you experience the fascinating and mesmerising world that lies underneath, and scuba diving in Andaman does not disappoint.

India is blessed with a long coastline and boasts of a number of dive spots. The best scuba diving in India arguably happens in the Andaman Islands. This is largely due to two primary factors:

  • Ideal ocean conditions with warm and clean waters that offer unmatched visibility
  • Mind-boggling variety of vibrant marine life that is unique to the island
  • One of the diverse ecosystems of coral and reef formations stretching for hundreds of meters
  • Minimal human activity and protection of the Andaman administration ensures undisturbed, brimming and pristine ecosystems
  • Volcanic lava hills that dot the island adding to its beauty and allure

Scuba diving in AndamansBest time to go scuba diving in Andaman

To understand why the best scuba diving in India happens in the Andaman you should go during the non-monsoon season which typically lasts from October to May. During these months the weather is pleasant and the water offers high visibility particularly during the winter months.

Bear in mind though, that off-season rains or unusual cyclonic weather renders all diving plans obsolete. It is always advised to check the weather before you make diving plans either on your own or through scuba diving course in Andaman. Weekends tend to be the busiest for dive schools. Choose weekdays if you want to avoid the crowds or weekends if you want to mingle with like-minded people.

Where to go for the best scuba Andamans experience

The best spots for scuba in Andamans are Neil Island, Havelock IslandPort Blair, and North Bay Island. At these spots, you’ll find the richest marine biodiversity, enjoy clear visibility, and fairly calm waters. At each location, your scuba instructor will guide you to the best underwater locations for you to explore the ocean and its mysteries to the fullest.

Become a pro with scuba diving courses in Andaman

As far as scuba diving course in Andaman is considered there are two options which provide you training and the necessary certification:

  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
  • Scuba Schools International (SSI)

The scuba diving course in Andaman offer three types of dive to suit divers of every kind:

  • Open Water Diver:
    Dive to a depth of 18 meters
  • Advanced Open Water Diver:
    Dive to a depth of 30 meters and indulge in some night dives.
  • Enriched Air Nitrox Diver:
    Learn how to make use of a unique air blend that diminishes nitrogen within the body so you can dive to 36 meters and stay down for longer

Some of the dive centers also have a ‘Scuba Diver Course’ which is a level below the Open Water Diver. You are restricted to a depth of 12 meters and can only go in with your dive instructor. The different courses are of varying length so you must plan your trip accordingly.

Andamans scubaCOVID-19 essentials

When travelling to the Andamans for your scuba diving trip, make sure you carry ample sanitiser for when you’re on the go, multiple reusable masks in case one gets wet or soiled, and few disposable masks to double up when entering crowded areas. Stay updated on the recent most COVID-19 guidelines from the local authorities of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and ensure you carry the required documents, be in a negative RT-PCR report or your vaccination certificates.

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