The Andaman and Nicobar islands are the treasured jewels of the country. Although they do belong to India, they feel no less than a heavenly getaway in a far off dreamy land. The soft sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and its year round sunny days with the occasional rains have beckoned us sea babies many a times. There are numerous mind blowing activities you can do while on the island but scuba Andaman surely tops the list. Among others, there is snorkelling, kayaking, and even under water sea walks for people looking to experience thrills of any and every kind. So, are you confused about where to start? Here are the top 5 things you can do in Andaman:

scuba in andaman

  1. Scuba diving:

Experience the rich and vibrant marine life of Andaman Islands up close and personal. Get the adrenaline juices flowing as you dive into the pristine clean waters, book yourself a try dive if you are a non-swimmer or a full course to get your scuba diving certificate, there are options aplenty. The price for scuba diving in Andaman can range anywhere between INR 3,500 for a try drive to INR 30,000 plus for a certificate scuba diving course of 5 days. Scuba in Andaman is an experience not to be missed.

  1. Snorkelling:

Experience an hour long snorkelling session in the soft sandy shores of Havelock Island. The water around the shore is the best for exploring, has great visibility, and provides with some of the clearest views of the vivid coral reefs. If you are pressed on time but still want to experience the underwater thrill like scuba in Andaman, this is the activity for you.

kayaking in Andamans

  1. Kayaking:

Up your regular kayaking game with a night kayaking session in the darkness of the night sky that is brimming with twinkling stars. As the sea wave’s crash into each other in the distance, the soothing calmness takes over this magical and thrilling experience. The hour long session will be accompanied by an experience guide who will teach you how to handle the kayak. Let us clarify though, Kayaking, unlike scuba in Andaman is an over the water sport and you need not worry about getting soaked in the night time.

  1. Sea walk :

An experience like no other, a thrilling sea walk in the Andaman lets you literally walk on the sea bed passing coral reefs and many under water animals! You don’t need to know how to swim or have any other prior underwater experience, the instructor will help you through the walk and an oxygen tank will protect your face and hair. In approximately the same price for scuba diving in Andaman if you were to opt for a short try drive, you can have a much relaxed walk into the ocean if you plan on getting yourself familiar with the underwater world for snorkelling or diving later.

  1. Parasailing:

Heard umpteen praises about scuba in Andaman but afraid of getting in the water? Well, why not fly on top of it then!  As you gently start soaring high, the breath taking view of the vast blue landscape and the Andaman Islands take over you. You do not require any kind of experience to enjoy this particularly soothing adventure.

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