With all its islands, stunning beaches and teeming oceans, lush forests and mighty rivers, Thailand is an absolute tropical paradise. It’s also a great destination for adventure, and this list of the top adventure activities in Thailand will help you find new ways to explore the magic of this country.

Scuba diving in the Gulf of Siam and Andaman Sea
best spots for beginner scuba divers in ThailandScuba diving is one of the top adventure activities in Thailand, and what makes this such a great destination is the large number of diving spots that all offer exquisite and unique experiences. From catching glimpses of whale sharks and sting rays at Koh Samui to finning through Staghorn corals and limestone rocks at Phuket, there is nothing that the Thai waters leave behind! And whether you’re a beginner or a certified diver, there’s a dive spot just waiting for you.
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Snorkelling in Thailand
top-adventure-activities-thailandSnorkelling is your first glimpse into the mystical secrets of underwater Thailand. You can experience the staggering beauty of the diverse aquatic life and exceptional marine formations without having to know scuba diving or even swimming. Thanks to the many shallow reefs and sheltered beaches, there’s always a spot for you to go snorkelling.
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Segway tour through Chiang Mai
top-adventure-activities-thailandWith a Segway, the journey is as much fun as the destination. The ancient town of Chiang Mai is packed with historic Buddhist temples, intricate sculptures, a gorgeous park, and scrumptious food. Riding on Segway scooters, you’ll stop to admire the famed Wat Chiang Man Temple, the Three Kings Monument and the lush Buak Had Park. You will also stop at a local café to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.
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Human slingshot in Pattaya
https://www.thegreatnext.com/human-slingshot-in-pattaya-thailand-pattaya-bungyYou don’t need wings to fly in Thailand! All you need is guts of steel and a slingshot that flings you across the sky at a speed of 150 kmph! You’ll hold your breath and whoooosh – you’re hurtling through the air! When you’re back on solid ground (“thank you, universe!”) and your heartbeat has returned to normal, you’ll be given a Certificate of Courage and a lifetime supply of bragging rights.
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Ziplining over Chiang Mai’s rainforests
top-adventure-activities-thailandZoom past the treetops of the tall and dense Thai rainforests from the mountain village of Mae Kampong. Home to the mischievous gibbon apes, these forests also hide a gorgeous, multi-layered waterfall that you can trek to after a short break and a delicious Thai lunch.
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Bungee jumping in Pattaya and Koh Samuitop-adventure-activities-thailandBoth these locations will give you totally unique bungee experiences. Pattaya gives you the chance to jump from the highest bungee crane in Thailand from a height of 200 feet, overlooking the Gulf of Siam. On the other hand, Koh Samui offers a wet bungee jump – dipping you in a swimming pool beneath the crane before the cord yanks you back up.
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ATV through an obstacle course in Pattaya
top-adventure-activities-thailandPattaya offers yet another thrilling activity for you! Navigate through obstacles on a custom-built course on robust quad bikes at this activity site.
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When you come to a dream destination, you should make sure you find as many ways as possible to experience it. And now that you know of so many adventure activities in Thailand, a regular trip just won’t cut it! It’s time to sign up for the adventure of a lifetime:)

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