Wow! Look at you, sitting there, lookin’ sharp, reading this on a shiny device, taking a little time out of your busy day to look for your next adventure in India. Maybe you’re reading during a coffee break in office. Maybe you’re surfing last thing at night, before you turn over and go to sleep.

Wherever you are, you clicked on this because it’s something that makes you tick. Adventure and travel and pushing yourself – all these things excite you. You’re reading this because, admit it, there’s a fire burning somewhere inside you. A fire to be out there, not just travelling and seeing the world, but actually experiencing it from the driver’s seat.

And yet, you’re relegating it to a distant dream, a ‘some day’ plan. You’re letting your small picture get in the way of the big picture. And that’s no good. If you don’t exercise your adventure muscles, they’ll atrophy and become vestigial memories of the past.

It’s time for adventure.

It’s time to bring adrenaline front and centre in your life again. This is what we’re here for. What is your GREAT NEXT? What is that next big adventure you want?

Is it a personal quest to climb a mountain?

Do your feet itch to traverse landscapes that are stark and desolate?

Do you crave to be underwater, nose to nose with a school of brightly-coloured fish?

Has it always been a childhood dream to fly?

Does your soul thirst to wake up in a tent in a high-altitude desert?

There’s a gigantic world out there, and if you’re not exploring it, you’re wasting it. Those towering Himalayas promising unforgettable adventure in India, the undulating fjords in Norway, the prehistoric ochre canyons in America, the mysterious depths of every ocean – they might as well not be there if you’re not dreaming of seeing them all one day.

What’s your GREAT NEXT adventure?

In conclusion, although this seems like a locker-room speech or a motivational dialogue, it isn’t. Think of this as an alarm bell, going off to warn you that every minute you spend without a thrill running through you is a minute wasted. Every day that doesn’t involve you doing something new is a day that you’ll never get back.

What we’re trying to say is this: we only have one short life, and the list is long. You’d better start turning those dreams into plans if you want to cover the big ones.

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