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  • ₹ 2000 - ₹ 5000

Bungee Jumping in India TripsDone

Bungee Jump in Rishikesh
days 1
Bungee Jump in Rishikesh Rishikesh ,Uttarakhand
Bungee Jump in Kolad
days 1
Bungee Jump in Kolad Kolad ,Maharashtra
Bungee Jumping in Kolad (Ex-Mumbai)
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Bungee Jumping in India

Bungee jumping in India

Take a leap of faith. Don’t let your fears get in the way of taking one of the bravest and most enjoyable decisions ever. One of the greatest thrills in life is jumping headfirst into the unknown. It provides you an adrenaline rush like nothing you’ve experienced before

In India, the best spots for bungee jumping include Rishikesh, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Goa.

Bungee jump: Rishikesh

This is arguably the best place in India to do your jump. You’ll climb to the top of India’s highest fixed platform, which is at the height of a 22-storey building. You’ll plummet through the air, with a river beneath you, and the green valleys surrounding you. This jump is run by a team of expert instructors from New Zealand; so you know you are in safe hands

What if you’ve already been bungee jumping? Try the Giant Swing. You’ll climb to the same bungee platform, and strap up for the Giant Swing. There’s double the freefall, because you’ll jump, and then will be swung back and forth like a pendulum.

Bungee jump cost in Rishikesh: INR 3500

Bungee jump: Bangalore

Slightly different from the one at Rishikesh, bungee jumping at Bangalore drops you from a 130-foot mobile crane.

Bungee jump cost in Bangalore: Rs. 400

Bungee jump: Delhi

Delhi is another great place to jump. Equipped with the most advanced gear transported all the way from Germany, the jump here is off of a 130-foot mobile crane.

Bungee jump cost in Delhi: Rs. 1500

Bungee jump: Maharashtra

Della Adventures in Lonavala, a few hours away from Mumbai, has one of the largest adventure parks. You will be jumping off at a 45-metre platform, and will have officially conquered all your fears by bungee jumping here.

Bungee jump cost in Maharashtra: Rs. 400

Bungee jump: Goa

Located near Anjuna beach in Goa, this bungee jump sends you leaping off a 25-metre-high tower.

Bungee jump cost in Goa: Rs. 500

Bungee jump costs:

Depending on the location, height of the jump, and quality of equipment used, you’ll pay anywhere between INR 400-3000. There are different combo packages offered for those who want to do bungee jumping, flying fox and giant swing together.

Sketch Itinerary:

Day 1: Bungee jumping in Rishikesh

  • Start point: Mohanchatti
  • Endpoint: Mohanchatti
  • Day start time: 09:00 hrs
Detailed itinerary:

Your bungee adventure begins sharp at 09:00 hrs, so be there on time. Depending on the crowd for the day, you might have to wait for your turn. It is advised to build some flexibility into your plans for the day accordingly.

Upon arrival, you will understand all about bungee jumping and all other safety procedures via a briefing that will be given in the reception area. In order to be ready for the leap, you will be weighed, sign the relevant documents and relieve yourself of all the contents in your pockets. You may choose to deposit your valuables at the reception.

Once you take the steps towards the jump point, only then will the gravity of the situation finally sink in. Your heart will begin to beat faster from the adrenaline as you are secured with a harness. A rubber cord will join your ankles together as you move towards the edge of the platform. Now, there’s only one thing left to do, tip over.

With your own screams ringing in your ears, you will slice through the air. You will feel an incredible rush followed by complete tranquillity as the jump ends. You’ll finish the jump in the drop zone in the river.

After the equipment is removed, you walk uphill for a few minutes to the cafeteria where you can check your photos and videos. Purchase them if you so desire but don’t leave behind your “Dare to Jump” certificate.


An exhilarating bungee jumping experience is the centrepiece of the itinerary. The expertise and services of jump masters are included in the cost. Refreshments may be provided depending on the packages. Upon completion of the leap, you will receive a ‘Dare to Jump’ certificate to commemorate this memorable adventure.


Transportation to the bungee location is not included. The tickets cost INR 300 for a round trip from Tapovan to the jump point which is not included. An entry fee of INR 100 is also not included. Insurance is not included. If you wish to seal the memories through photos and videos, these are charged extra. Anything else that is not covered as a part of the inclusions will have to be paid for individually

Sketch Itinerary:

Day 1: Giant Swing in Rishikesh

  • Start point: Mohanchatti
  • Endpoint: Mohanchatti
  • Day start time: 09:00 hrs
Detailed itinerary:

The Giant Swing happens in the same place as the bungee jumping point in Rishikesh. The reporting time is at 09:00 hrs and you are expected to be there on time. There’s usually a line for the Giant Swing. This means that you need to expect some waiting time and schedule that into your day.

When you reach the jump point, you will be greeted by the instructor and made to go through a briefing and safety session. Once that is done, you will prepare for the adventure by being secured in a harness. Do note that 2 people can do the ride at the same time. You are now ready to swing.

You leap off the platform. Hurtling towards the river at mind-bending speed, you swing like a pendulum. Once the thrilling jump is over, you are carefully dropped into the river, the landing point. Make the upward descent towards the cafeteria where photos and videos of your wild swing await you. You can buy them or you can collect your ‘Dare to Jump’ certification and leave with a grin on your face.


The cost entails you to one adrenaline-fueled giant swing jump. All this is done under the careful watch and expertise of your instructor, ensuring the utmost safety while you have the adventure of a lifetime.

Once you complete the swing, you receive a bottle of water to wet your throat after all the screaming and a ‘Dare to Jump’ certificate at the cafeteria.


Your jump is captured through photos and videos which are not included in the cost but can be purchased separately, should you wish to have tangible memories of your adventurous giant swing

Transportation in the form of coach transfers are available but tickets for the same are not included and will be additional. It costs INR 300 for a ride to and from Tapovan to the Jump Zone. Insurance is not included. Any cost not mentioned in the inclusions must be paid separately.

Sketch Itinerary:

Day 1: Bungee Jump in Kolad

  • Start point: Kolad
  • Endpoint: Kolad
  • Day start time: 08:00 hrs
Detailed itinerary:

All bungee jumping activities in Kolad begin at 08:00 hrs in the morning. Swing by at a time that suits you for your jump. Upon arrival, you will meet the instructor who will talk you through a briefing session regarding the jump and all relevant safety procedures

After that, you ascend to the top of the tower. Once it is your turn, you are secured with a harness and guided to the edge of the tower from where you leap to complete your thrilling adventure.


The activity cost includes jumping from a height of 130 feet. This is done under the supervision of your jumpmaster whose services are inclusive in the cost.


The jump cost does not provide you with any meals or beverages, which need to be purchased separately. Transportation to the jump zone is excluded and will have to be managed individually. Any and all personal expenses are also not part of the overall cost and have to be borne by the individual. Anything which is not part of the inclusions will be additional.

Best time to go/Weather

Bungee Jumping in India takes place nearly every month of the calendar year. The only exceptions would be the monsoon months when inclement weather makes it dangerous to consider leaping off platforms.

Bungee jumps across the country are located at or near major tourist locations like Rishikesh, Kolad, Bangalore, etc. These places are well connected to all major Indian cities by airports, railways, and roads including state and privately run bus services

Some packages also include pick-up and drop-off from your base city to the starting point of the trek, be sure to check out the inclusions of the package you’re booking to know more about the same.

Any clothing that is comfortable is optimum for bungee jumping. You need to wear pants or jeans rather as shorts are a no go. Open footwear is not permitted. Considering the above, saris are a strict no as are shorts. Sandals and slip-on shoes and other such footwear is not allowed. Jewellery or any other wearable electronics are also barred.

All the latest equipment needed for the jump is provided by the operators at the jump point.

All that you need to carry with you is a Government issued ID card. Some water or dry snacks are optional in case you need sustenance during your wait time.

A basic level of fitness is all that is necessary for bungee jumping. Jumper’s health is ascertained before the leap to ensure that you are fit for this daring adventure.

There is a weight requirement for this activity, the details of which should be confirmed with your jumpmaster. Also, if you have any problems with your neck or back or other medical conditions, you might not be permitted.

Bungee Jumping in India - Frequently Asked Questions

Jumping is a fairly easy activity as long as you do not have a fear of heights. A basic fitness level is enough to ensure you are good to take the leap.

There are weight requirements which should be discussed with the jumpmaster. In addition, if you have any prevailing medical conditions, consult your physician before considering this adventure sport.

It is a fairly safe activity as all operators have years of experience and access to the latest gear and safety equipment. That said, all adventure sports do carry a certain element of risk (that is what makes it an adventure after all) but these are minimized because of the precautions taken.


Any comfortable clothing is perfectly alright for the jump. Open footwear, saris, skirts and shorts are however not permitted.