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    Bungee jumping near Mumbai, Maharashtra TripsDone

  • Bungee jumping near Mumbai, Maharashtra

    About bungee jumping near Mumbai

    Kolad is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers looking for a quick weekend adventure, owing to the easy connectivity via road and trains. In Kolad, one can do activities like whitewater rafting, trekking, camping, and now bungee jumping near Mumbai.

    The bungee jump platform is 130 feet high, which is equivalent to the 13th floor of a building. You’ll climb to the top, and WHOOOSH – before you know it, you’re racing the wind to the ground below!

    If you haven’t had your fill of Kolad yet, there are a plethora of other activities you can do! And once you’ve tasted bungee jumping near Mumbai, you’re going to want to check out India’s tallest bungee jump in Rishikesh!

    Itinerary - Bungee jumping near Mumbai

    08:00 am: Arrive at the bungee jumping site.

    08:00-08:30: After you arrive, the instructors will brief you on the safety procedures and introduce to the equipment.

    08:30-09:00: As you strap into your gear, enjoy the stunning views of the lush forests and the splashing Kundalika River from the jumping platform. Send your prayers and clutch onto the ropes as you jump over the edge, plummeting straight to the ground below, screaming at the top of your lungs!

    09:00 am: Once you’ve conquered this feat, you’ll be commemorated with a certificate and an endless supply of bragging rights!

    Recommended itinerary for bungee jumping near Mumbai

    There are many fun adventures you can do in Kolad, but bungee jumping and river rafting are the most popular. Whitewater river rafting in the Kundalika is a great choice, but you will not be able to do it on the same day as your bungee jump, as river rafting in Kolad also begins at 08:00 am.

    If you have the time, plan to spend a night in Kolad. You can arrive at 08:00 am on the first day and complete your bungee jump. After that, enjoy a day of fun activities at your campsite. Different campsites offer different activities: Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, bumper boats, banana boat ride, etc. In the evening, you can enjoy a bonfire if the weather permits. The next morning, you can go rafting!

    Bungee jumping near Mumbai trip summary:

    State: Maharashtra

    Nearest city: Mumbai

    Total days: 1

    Jump height: 130 feet (40 meters or 13 floors)

    Season: All year

  • Best time to go/Weather

    You can bungee jump in Kolad any time of the year. The winter and monsoon months are more popular as the lower temperatures and better visibility make them more attractive than the summer months.

  • Bungee jumping near Mumbai, Maharashtra - Route Map / Altitude Map

  • Bungee jumping near Mumbai, Maharashtra - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Kolad bungee jump dangerous?

    It’s natural to be scared before you try any adventure sport as there are always risks involved. However, with the right equipment, correct instructions, and the company of a jumpmaster, the adventure becomes one of the safer ways to get your adrenaline high. The jumpmaster will be present at all times to assist you and ensure your safety. Top-grade gear also makes sure that you are safe and sound throughout your jump.

    How much does bungee jumping in Kolad cost?

  • Bungee jumping near Mumbai, Maharashtra Reviews

  • Kolad is 3 hrs/120 km from Mumbai and 3 hrs/145 km from Pune. There are a few different ways to get to Kolad.

    Driving directions from Mumbai to Kolad:

    Take the Mumbai-Pune highway to Panvel, and drive on for about 30 km to Khopoli. Take the exit after the first toll booth onto Khopoli-Pali road. Drive for 37 km passing Imagica and heading to Pali. Turn left at Pali onto State Highway 93. You'll pass the famous Ashtavinayak Temple - drive for about 20 km after this and then turn right towards Kolad. From here, follow these directions to the bungee spot:

    Driving directions from Pune to Kolad:

    Take the Paud-Mulshi road and drive towards Mulshi and Tamhini Ghat. Proceed to Saje Gaon, which is about 47 km away. At Saje Gaon, turn right to get onto State Highway 93. Proceed straight for 4 km towards Kolad. From here, follow these directions to the bungee spot:

    IMPORTANT: Download and save all map directions in advance. As you approach Kolad, your mobile and phone data will get weaker. In Kolad, you may not get any network.

    How to reach Kolad by train:

    From Mumbai, there are a number of trains to Kolad/Roha station. From both stations, there are shared auto-rickshaws.

    • Diva Sawantwadi Passenger, 50105

      Departs: Panvel, 07:05 hrs | Arrives: Kolad, 09:17 hrs | Travel time: 2.12 hrs

    • Dadar Ratnagiri Passenger, 50103

      Departs: Dadar, 15:35 hrs | Arrives: Kolad, 19:36 hrs | Travel time: 4.01 hrs

    • Rajya Rani Express, 11003

      Departs: Dadar, 00:05 hrs | Arrives: Roha, 03:15 hrs | Travel time: 3.10 hrs

    • Dadar Sawantwadi Special Train, 01095

      Departs: Dadar, 07:50 hrs| Arrives: Roha, 14:42 hrs | Travel time: 3 hrs

    NOTE: Please check the latest train timetables as the prices as subject to change.

    There are no direct trains from Pune to Kolad. However, you can board any of the Pune-Mumbai trains that halt at Lonavala. There are private/shared taxis to Kolad from Lonavala.

    How to reach Kolad by bus:

    From Mumbai

    State travel buses travelling from Mumbai to Ratnagiri will stop at Kolad, which is on Mumbai - Goa highway. The journey will take about 3 hrs. Find the schedules for state buses here.

    You can also choose to travel by private bus operators, travelling from Mumbai to Ratnagiri. The first bus from Mumbai departs at around 7:00 a.m. and the last bus departs at around 9:00 p.m. You can find private bus schedules here.

    From Pune

    State travel buses travelling from Pune towards Raigad will stop at Kolad, which is on Mumbai - Goa highway. The journey will take about 3 hrs. You can also choose to travel by private bus operators, travelling from Pune to Kolad. You can find the bus schedules here.