Bungee jumping near Pune, Maharashtra

Bungee jumping near Pune, Maharashtra

Just 145 kms away from Pune, Kolad is an adventure hub for a...  Read more

Just 145 kms away from Pune, Kolad is an adventure hub for all those looking for a weekend escape. This pretty riverside village offers camping, river rafting, adventure activities, and now bungee jumping too.

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About bungee jumping near Pune

State: Maharashtra | Nearest city: Pune | Total days: 1 | Jump height: 130 feet (40 meters or 13 floors) | Season: All year

If you are tired of city life, hop aboard a bus, car or train and make your way to the site for bungee jumping near Pune. It’s the experience of a lifetime, and it’s just a few hours away from Pune. You’ll find yourself atop a 13-storey high platform, sending silent prayers as your stomach flips upside down, readying yourself to take the leap.

Bungee jumping near Pune is sure to leave you hungry for more adventure – lucky for you, Kolad has a tonne of other thrilling activities that’ll keep that thrill-seeking streak busy! Once you’ve tried this bungee jump, you should check out India’s tallest bungee jump in Rishikesh!

Itinerary: Bungee jumping near Pune

Bungee jumping in Kolad begins at 08:00 hrs.

08:00-08:30: The instructor will brief you on the safety procedures and help you into your gear.

08:30-09:00: Finally, it’s time for your jump! Hold your breath and gather up your courage as you near the edge and AAAAAAAH – you’re zooming past the gorgeous views you were admiring just a minute ago.

09:00-09:30: You’ll be given a Bungee Certificate of Completion after your successful jump.

Packages for bungee jumping near Pune

The bungee jump near Pune is priced at INR 2800 at the time of writing. This includes your bungee jump, all required equipment, the supervision of a jump master, and a Certificate of Completion, as well as all applicable taxes. It doesn’t include any transport, food or beverages, or any personal expenses.

Best season for Kolad bungee jumping

Kolad is open around the year, and the bungee jumping here is the same. The most popular seasons are winters (no harsh sun and breath-taking clear views) or the monsoons (lush greenery all around and an extra splash of fun if there is light rain), but you can bungee jump at any time of the year.

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Bungee Jumping in Kolad (Ex-Mumbai)
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Bungee Jump in Kolad
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Kolad, Maharashtra
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How to reach Kolad for bungee jumping

Kolad is 3 hrs/145 kms from Pune. There are a few different ways to get to Kolad.

How to reach Kolad by car:

Take the Paud-Mulshi road and drive towards Mulshi and Tamhini Ghat. Proceed to Saje Gaon, which is about 47 kms away. At Saje Gaon, turn right to get onto State Highway 93. Proceed straight for 4 kms towards Kolad. From here, follow these directions to the bungee spot: https://goo.gl/maps/KyCnPoSRAh72

IMPORTANT: Download and save all map directions in advance. As you approach Kolad, your mobile and phone data will get weaker. In Kolad, you may not get any network.

How to reach Kolad by train:

There are no direct trains from Pune to Kolad. However, you can board any of the Pune-Mumbai trains that halt at Lonavala. There are private/shared taxis to Kolad from Lonavala.

How to reach Kolad by bus:

State travel buses travelling from Pune towards Raigad will stop at Kolad, which is on Mumbai - Goa highway. The journey will take about 3 hrs. You can also choose to travel with private bus operators, travelling from Pune to Kolad. See bus schedules here.

FAQs about bungee jumping in Kolad

What to wear while bungee jumping in Kolad

Anything that won’t restrict your body or fall off will do. Stick to basic t-shirts, jeans and sports shoes. If it’s cold, wear a full-sleeved t-shirt. Do not wear spectacles, saris, skirts, flipflops, expensive jewellery or anything that hangs around your neck as they may fall off or get damaged. However, if you’re carrying any of that, you can store them in the almirah provided to you.

What to pack for the Kolad bungee jumping adventure

Apart from the essential gear and equipment that you’ll be given at the Kolad bungee jumping site, make sure to pack these as well:

  • Backpack
  • Government issued ID card with photo
  • Sunblock
  • Hat / Cap
  • Extra money since ATMs are not easily available in Kolad
  • Dry snacks
  • Water bottle

How much does bungee jumping near Pune cost?

You can kickstart the completion of your bucket list with Kolad bungee jump packages starting from INR 2800. This includes one bungee jump, the supervision of a jump master, all required equipment and gear, and a Bungee Certificate, as well as all taxes.

Is the Kolad bungee jump dangerous?

Any adventure sport has some element of risk, which is what makes it exciting. However, with proper supervision and the right gear, you can enjoy a thrilling experience. You will be briefed and watched by an experienced jump instructor, and will have top-notch equipment for your jump.

What is the best season to go bungee jumping in Kolad?

Bungee jumping in Kolad can be done at any month in the year. However, it is fun in the winter when the cold weather and the clear views add to the experience. It is also popular in the monsoon (not when there is heavy rain or lightning) because the greenery and forests all around are very beautiful.

Am I eligible for the Kolad bungee jump?

There are a few basic restrictions for those who are looking to bungee jump in Kolad.

  • The minimum age restriction is 18 years. Younger travellers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they wish to jump.
  • You must be between 35-110 kgs to be eligible to jump.
  • Your health will be examined to ensure you are fit for the jump.
  • If you have vertigo, back or neck injuries, high blood pressure, heart or neurological conditions, or if you are/may be pregnant, you cannot jump.
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