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    Spend a night camping at Bhandardara and surround yourself with the peace and tranquillity of nature. You can explore the scenic delights at the campsite and reconnect with your friends or family around a bonfire. You can spend your evenings going on rejuvenating nature walks, dip your feet in the waters of Lake Arthur or just sit back and watch the golden sun dissolve into the lake. At night, you will gather around a crackling bonfire with the rest of the campers and munch on delicious starters and snacks. After spending a restful night huddled in comfortable tents, you will wake up the next day to a beautiful sunrise. Hop onto boats and embark on a ride on the still waters of Lake Arthur.

    Perfect for a weekend getaway from the city, this camping experience at Bhandardara is ideal for those who want to escape into nature and indulge in the picturesque delights of Bhandardara.


    Tucked away in the forests of the Sahyadri Mountains, Bhandardara is a renowned camping destination near Igatpuri. With rolling hills standing tall to the backdrop of clear, blue skies, this a perfect destination for campers looking to escape into nature and spend a relaxing weekend. Your tents will be pitched on the open grounds just outside the Murshet village overlooking the vast expanse of Lake Arthur. The tents will be equipped with comfortable sleeping bags and air pillows to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Wake up to a photogenic view of the Lake Arthur and embark on a boat ride over the lake for a fitting end to your weekend getaway.

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    Spend a night camping at Bhandardara. | Embark on a boat ride across Lake Arthur. | Reconnect with your friends or family around a bonfire. | Stay in the midst of nature for a night away from the city life.

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    3+ years


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