• Trip introduction

    Send your kids on a 7-day outbound summer camp. The camp provides a healthy dose of sunshine and positivity on the golden sands of the west coast of India, perfect for a memorable summer vacation.

    In this fun summer camp, children get to be in the lap of nature, cultivate values, learn new skills, build their confidence, learn to identify risks, and most importantly, learn the importance of teamwork.

    Your kids can enjoy a host of activities like trekking, mountain biking, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing and fishing.


    The beautiful beach-city of Karwar lies on the west coast of Karnataka. It is also a port town with a natural harbour and is a hub for tourists from all over India. The area provides the perfect environment for a summer vacation with the sea breeze and sandy beaches providing an enchanting backdrop for camp activities.

    Destination highlights

    Experience the thrill of mountain biking, trekking and snorkelling in the great outdoors | Enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the backwaters of the Kali river | Challenge yourself while participating in various team-building activities | Enjoy fishing with the local fishermen | Trek on the Western Ghats amidst the lush flora and fauna

    Activity Details

    8-15 yrs


    1 every 20


    Co-ed campsite

    Male and female both


    Trip details
  • Day 1: Departure from Bangalore to Karwar

    Participants need to be present at the pick-up point on time, and are then driven to the campsite in Karwar.

    Overnight in the bus

    Day 1 Milestone



    19:00 PM



    Day 2: Arrival at the campsite in Karwar
    Day 3: Activity at the campsite
    Day 4: Activity at the campsite
    Day 5: Activity at the campsite
    Day 6: Activity at the campsite and departure for Bangalore
    Day 7: Arrival in Bangalore
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  • Cancellation policy

    The cancellation charges for this camp are listed below:

    Rs. 2,000 will be deducted if notified 15 days before the departure date.

    Rs. 6,000 will be deducted thereafter, up to 5 days before the departure date.

    No refund if the departure is less than 5 days away. Note: The operator/supplier may accommodate the child in other batches depending on vacancies.

    Rules on trip

    Cellphones are not allowed on the campsite.

    No outside snacks or eatables are allowed inside the camp.

    No shops exist nearby. Travel light with gear as per the checklist.

    No shouting/ loud talking allowed in the camp area.

    Out of bound areas (marked with yellow tape) are strictly to be observed.

    No littering. Use dustbins. Keep the toilets and surroundings clean.

    Food is to be eaten in the common designated area only.

    Participants are not permitted to explore out of the camp area without permission under any circumstances.

    Be cordial to all the participants and staff.

    Apply insect repellent during the day and particularly during the night.

    Always keep the tent zipped to avoid any insects getting in when participants are not around.

    Participants must be in full length trousers after sunset and wear shoes in the camp site. Slippers/sandals are not allowed after dark except in bathroom areas.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    Activities during the camp have inherent risks and all parents/wards will be required to sign indemnity bonds failing which campers may not be allowed to participate in certain activities as per discretion of the adventure camp leader.

    Please note that children are not encouraged to carry any electronic devices or mobile devices. Parents can talk to the operator/supplier to check on their child's progress.
    • Adventure Karwar Summer Camp Kids Camp Sea
    • Adventure Karwar Summer Camp Kids Camp Sea
    • Adventure Karwar Summer Camp Kids Camp Sea
    • Adventure Karwar Summer Camp Kids Camp Sea
    • Adventure Karwar Summer Camp Kids Camp Sea
    • Adventure Karwar Summer Camp Kids Camp Sea
  • Includes / Excludes


    • Resort accommodation (twin/triple sharing) with clean toilets

    • Meals as specified (Jain food is available on prior request)
    • Bus transportation facility from Bangalore to Karwar and back


    • Personal expenses

    • Any costs or services not mentioned in the inclusions

    What to Wear

    What to Wear

    • Comfortable clothing
    • Trekking/outdoor shoes
    • Not to wear - Expensive gadgets, jewellery or other valuables

    What not to Wear

    • Loose clothing that will tangle around you while swimming
    • Restrictive clothing
    • Flip-flops

    Equipment / Gear

    We Provide

    • Relevant safety and technical equipment (based on the activity)

    You need to get

    • Red t-shirt - 1
    • Light blue t-shirt - 1
    • Yellow t-shirt - 1
    • White t-shirt - 1
    • Full-sleeve shirt -1
    • Full length pants (jeans) - 1
    • Half/three-fourth shorts - 2 pairs
    • Under garments - 4 sets
    • Thick cotton socks - 4 pairs
    • Raincoat - 1
    • Cloth napkins - 2
    • Light towel - 1
    • Shawl - 1
    • Light camp jacket - 1
    • Hat/Cap - 1
    • Washable/Hawaii slippers - 1 pair
    • Throwable shorts - 1 pair (after mud bath)
    • Toiletries pouch
    • Tooth brush
    • Tooth paste
    • Soap (natural - the water that runs off is used for plants and inorganic chemicals may harm them)
    • Shampoo and conditioner (natural) sachets
    • Lip balm
    • Haversack
    • Camera - 1 (cell phones are not allowed)
    • Pencil box with crayons/sketch pens/pencils
    • Light single bed sheet
    • Water bottle with shoulder strap
    • Small paper towel pack - 1
    • Small LED torch with spare batteries - 1
    • Small personal first-aid kit and any personal prescribed medications
    • Steel spoon - 1
    • Compass and binoculars (optional)

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry specific personal or prescribed medication, personal first-aid kit.