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  • Camping Near Pune

    Camping near Pune is the most serene experience if you want to take a break for yourself, and leave the sounds of the city behind and escape into nature. Camping near Pune offers you the gorgeous experience of not only camping in the midst of nature but also the opportunity to explore the Western Ghats and its hills, lakes, waterfalls, and rivers.

    Although camping in Pune city is not an option, camping near Pune in the hills and valleys of the Sahyadris is a perfect getaway with friends and families. The top options for camping near Pune include Lonavala, Kolad and Bhandardara. All you need is camping gear and wonderful company, and you're good to go!

    If you want your camping trip to be even more adventurous, then you can pair it with various adventure activities available near Pune such as rafting, trekking or even paragliding.


    Most packages for camping near Pune include afternoon or evening check-in, followed by a relaxing day amidst nature. In the evening, there is a bonfire session with BBQ. At night, you retire into your tents after a filling dinner at the campsite. And you wake up in the morning to the gorgeous view of the sun rising over the hills of the Western Ghats. You then have breakfast and check-out of the campsite.

    During your camping trip near Pune, you spend the night in weatherproof tents with comfort facilities like dry toilet tents with western commodes, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, light, etc. Do note that some budget operators do not provide sleeping bags or blankets for the night, so check the inclusions of the package you're booking properly.

    Camping near Pune: Lonavala top

    This campsite is located halfway up to Rajmachi Fort and overlooking a gorgeous valley on one side and towering hills of Sahyadris on the other. This campsite is especially pretty during the monsoon season as the landscape gets filled with waterfalls, streams, natural ponds, etc. and you get to enjoy the splendid views of the massive clouds caught up between the hills of the Western Ghats.

    There are also various adventure activities in Lonavala that you can pair with your camping trip.

    Camping near Pune: Pawna Lake

    This is another campsite that is close to Pune, on the banks of Pawna Lake. This campsite offers gorgeous views of the lake and the surrounding hills of Sahyadris. Here, you get to spend some time relaxing at the lake side and you wake up to the misty mornings at the lakeside. This campsite is a great option if you want to go camping in the summer season as it offers a cool and relaxing escape from the city heat.

    Camping near Pune: Kolad with rafting

    Camping and rafting in Kolad is a great option for those looking for some extra thrill while camping as most packages for camping in Kolad also include a rafting session on the Kundalika River. What once was a small fishing village has now transformed into an adventure hub for city-dwellers. Here, you get to camp at night near the banks of the Kundalika River and in the morning, you get to battle the Grade II and III rapids of the river. There are also other adventure activities at Kolad like kayaking, bungee jumping, ziplining, etc. Kolad also offers a variety of accommodation options from alpine tents, swiss tents, cottages to tree houses.

    Camping near Pune: Sandhan Valley

    If you're looking for some adventure while camping near Pune, then camping in Sandhan Valley is the right choice for you. The packages for camping in Sandhan Valley also include trekking and rappelling. This campsite is located in the water-carved Sandhan Valley of the Western Ghats which is 200 feet deep and 1.5 km long. The camping trip in Sandhan Valley takes you over cliffs, narrow passageways and huge boulders.

    Camping near Pune: Kashid beach

    This a beach camping spot near Pune. While camping on Kashid Beach, you get to spend the day relaxing on the beach and you sleep with the sound of waves in your ears. In the morning, you can go swimming or fishing in the sea or just take a stroll on the beach before checking out of the campsite.

    Fireflies camping near Pune

    During the onset of monsoon, for a short window of time, the Western Ghats get swarmed with thousands of fireflies, lighting up the dark forests with their serene glow. This short time-frame is their mating season. During these few weeks, the fireflies come abuzz in the evening and begin their mating ritual.Witnessing this gorgeous phenomenon is a mesmerizing experience, and hence, every year hundreds of nature enthusiasts flock to the folds of Sahyadris for this. There are many sites around Pune for the fireflies camping trips, e.g. Rajmachi Fort, Bhandardara, Kondana Caves, etc.

    During the fireflies camping trips, the day begins with checking-in at the campsite, followed by a short trek in the evening to the forests where you get to watch numerous fireflies buzzing all around you. You then head to the campsite for a night in cosy tents. In the morning, you head back to your city with memories of a lifetime.

    Do note that the fireflies camping near Pune only takes place for a short period of a few weeks during the onset of monsoon as it is the only time when they can be spotted in the Western Ghats.

    Best season for camping near Pune

    Camping near Pune is a wonderful experience throughout the year, especially during monsoon and winter. During the months of monsoon, the landscape transforms into a lush green paradise with many streams, ponds, waterfalls, etc. It is a perfect season for those wanting to explore the lush greenery of the Western Ghats in its full glory.

    In the months of winter, the experience of splendid as you spend the cold nights huddled in tents and wake up to the gorgeous views of mist rolling through the landscape. Summer is a great season too but it is recommended that you go camping near a water-body as the climate there is relatively cool.

    Packing list

    While camping near Pune, the tour operator will provide all the camping equipment like tents, mattresses, blankets, etc. However, it is recommended that you check the inclusions of the trip you're booking thoroughly as some budget operators do not provide sleeping bags and blankets for the night.

    Apart from this, you should carry all your personal essentials like backpack, shoes, personal med kit and toiletries, sunglasses, sun-cap, etc. You need to carry an extra pair of comfortable clothes including full sleeve t-shirts and full length pants for the night. Also carry a mosquito repellent as they can be a nuisance in the Western Ghats.

    Getting there

    Pune is connected to all the neighbouring towns and villages by a network of rail and roads. You can either take a train to the nearest village of the campsite or you can take a bus to get there. If your campsite is in Lonavala, then you can take a local from Pune that runs at an interval of 2 hours. You can even hire taxi from Pune itself to reach there or drive your own car as the roads are scenic, especially during the monsoon months.

    Treks near Pune

    While camping near Pune, you can easily pair your camping trip with various treks, including some of the best treks in Maharashtra. There are many trekking routes in the vicinity, for trekkers of all experience, from beginners to experienced. Here are a few of the treks that you can do while camping near Pune:

    Kalsubai trek

    At an elevation of 5,400 feet, the Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak in Maharashtra. It is an exciting trek suitable for experienced trekkers, but fit beginners can also do this trek. It offers panoramic views of the vast green vistas of the Western Ghats including forts like Alang-Madan-Kulang, Ratangad, Harishchandragad, etc.


    This is an off-beat trek where you descend into a forest, unlike other treks of Maharashtra where you climb atop a hill. The trek goes through a dark forest where little sunlight can penetrate. You get to explore the flora and fauna of Sahyadris along with natural ponds, waterfalls, streams, etc.


    If you're feeling a bit adventurous and already have prior trekking experience then you can summit the historic fort of Harishchandragad. The trek is challenging, requiring you to scramble over boulders, cross slippery terrain, and some steep sections with scary drops on the side. But conquering this hill gives a feeling like no other.


    If you're a beginner, or are just looking for a relaxing trek, then you can head to Lohagad, the historic iron fort once used by Shivaji. The trek to the fort is pleasant and gives gorgeous views of the surrounding region, along with an experience of trekking in the Sahyadris.

    Camping in Pune Trip Summary

    • State: Maharashtra
    • Nearest city: Pune
    • Total days: 2
    • Grade: Easy
    • Season: Year-round
    • Avg temperature: 15 to 37 degree Celsius
  • Camping near Pune

    Sketch itinerary:

    Day 1: Check-in at the campsite and enjoy

    • Check-in at the campsite in the afternoon or evening
    • Spend the rest of the day relaxing at the campsite
    • Sit around a bonfire at night
    • Spend the night in tents

    Day 2: Check-out of the campsite

    • Wake up to a gorgeous sunrise
    • Relax at the campsite or try out some adventure activities
    • Check-out of the campsite by afternoon
    Detailed itinerary:

    Day 1: Check-in at the campsite and enjoy

    Arrive at the campsite at the given time where your tent will be allotted to you. Post that, you can spend the rest of the day either relaxing at the campsite or exploring the surrounding region. At night, you'll sleep in tents pitched at scenic locations.

    Day 2: Check-out of the campsite 

    You'll wake up to a gorgeous sunrise over the Sahyadris after which you can head out to do some adventure activities. You'll return to the campsite, freshen up and then check-out at the given time. The trip ends here.


    The package includes accommodation for 1 night in tents on twin-sharing basis, along with in-tent amenities like mattress, light, and access to common washroom tents. Along with this, the cost includes meals, dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2. The package also includes outdoor activities like swimming and fishing, and equipment required for the same, along with a bonfire session in the evening, subject to weather conditions. Services of a camp leader and support crew is also included in the cost. All applicable taxes are also included in the package cost.


    For an additional cost of INR 400 per plate, BBQ snacks can be arranged at the campsite in both veg and non-veg options. The camping near Pune cost does not include travel arrangements from your home-city to the campsite and back. The price neither includes any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, strikes, etc.; nor does it include any personal expenses like extra meals, alcohol, gear, etc. It also does not include anything not mentioned in the inclusions.

    Camping near Pune: Kolad camping plus rafting

    Camping and trek to Sandhan Valley

  • Best time to go/Weather

    You can go camping near Pune all year around, but usually, winter is the best time to go. During winter, the days are cool and the nights are chilly, providing perfect conditions for camping. Monsoon too is gaining popularity recently as the landscape during this season transforms into an amphitheatre of greenery.

    Camping during summer is also a great idea but it is recommended that you go camping near a water body like a beach or lake-side destination as the weather will be cooler there near water bodies.

  • Camping Near Pune - Route Map / Altitude Map

  • Camping Near Pune - Frequently Asked Questions

    What else can I do during my camping trip near Pune?

    Depending on where you're going, you can pair your camping trip with various adventure activities. For instance, Kolad has various adventure activities like rafting and bungee jumping and Lonavala also has a number of trekking options.

    What is the best season for camping near Pune?

    What should I carry for camping near Pune?

    How do I reach my campsite?

    What is the minimum/maximum age restrictions for camping near Pune?

  • Camping Near Pune Reviews


    • Rated : 4

  • All the campsite destinations around Pune are easily accessible either by road or rail. The rail and road network around Pune is well developed with many regular trains connecting Pune to surrounding towns and villages. You can either take a train or state run bus to reach the nearest village to the campsite and from there, you can take local transport to the campsite. Driving your own car is also a good option as it doesn't require you to rely on local transport.

    While camping, clothing is important to make sure you have a comfortable experience. You need to choose what you wear according to the season. If you're going during summer, than basic comfortable clothes will do. For monsoon, you need to carry rain wear along with an extra jacket as the nights can be a bit chilly. For winters, you need to carry thermals and sweaters. It is a good idea to wear closed shoes, full pants and full-sleeve t-shirts to avoid mosquito bites, as they can be quite a nuisance at night.

    Your tour operator will provide all the camping equipment. However, some budget operators might expect you to carry your own blankets and sleeping bags. Other than this, you need not worry about any equipment. You only need to carry a good backpack, personal essentials like toiletries, medicines, shoes and appropriate clothes, sunglasses, caps, etc. It is recommended that you also carry a mosquito repellent cream for the night to avoid annoying mosquito bites.

    There are no fitness requirements for the camping near Pune. However, do note that some campsites are located at a short walk's distance from the parking lot, so check the camping package properly before booking if you have someone in your group who might find it difficult to cover the distance on foot.