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    This Jaisalmer desert camping adventure is beautiful trip that takes you deep into the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer as you spend 2 days witnessing its riveting views and imbibing the Rajasthani culture.

    On this trip, you’ll get to stay in luxurious AC cottages in the middle of the desert. During the day, you’ll enjoy walks along the sand dunes, a fun 45-minute camel safari till the Sunset Point, and a locally organized folk dance with music. At night, you’ll feast a traditional dinner, followed by stargazing the Jaisalmer’s starry skies.

    Simple yet enriching, relaxing yet adventurous – this journey offers you everything from stark desert views, to the traditional cuisine and a rich dose of culture.


    Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is a beautiful desert city which lies in Rajashthan. This city is popularly nicknamed as ‘The Golden City’ due to the fact it stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone with the Jaisalmer Fort in the background – which emits a golden hue.

    For this trip, you’ll be visiting the campsite which lies about 36 km from Jaisalmer and consists of vast dunes and a contrasting blue sky.

    During this adventure you’ll be staying in luxurious AC cottages that come with the best amenities. In terms of food, you’ll be served delicious meals made in traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

    Destination highlights

    Combine fun with luxury through this Jaisalmer Desert AC cottage adventure. | Feel the thrill of staying in the middle of a desert. | Imbibe the rich Rajasthani culture. | Enjoy the camel safari. | Witness the contrasting beauty of beige and blue. | Catch a golden sunset.

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    1+ years


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