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Cycling in Goa TripsDone

Cycling Tour of Goa
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Cycling Tour of Goa Panaji ,Goa
Cycling Trip-Islands of Goa
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Cycle Tour Of Old Goa
days 1
Cycle Tour Of Old Goa Panaji ,Goa

Cycling in Goa

Goa makes up for being the smallest state in India by providing tourists with an overwhelmingly beautiful outdoors life, plenty of culture and cuisine options, and a very fun vibe. Thanks to the extensive coastline, green forests, rocky cliffs and raging rivers, there’s a plethora of adventure options to choose from.

Most of the adventure options in Goa are more of an exploratory nature. Cycling in Goa takes you to the most scenic spots around and is the perfect way to explore Goa at its best.

Many cycling trips in Goa start from the state capital, Panaji, the city of cobbled streets, colourful villas and true Portuguese ambience. This is where you’ll meet your fellow cyclists and begin your cycling adventure in Goa. Depending on the route you choose, you’ll be exploring the many islands of Goa, visiting small fishing villages, or doing a cycle tour of old Goa.

Cycle tour of Old Goa

On cycling tours of old Goa, you’ll ride through narrow old streets, some with their heritage shop fronts still intact and visit what was once a Portuguese colony. You’ll stop at cathedrals, pedal over old bridges, and pause to admire charming chapels and churches.

Cycling trips to the islands of Goa

Goa has a wealth of islands, both in the rivers and in the sea. Some cycling trips in Goa take you on ferry rides, where you’ll park your cycle and enjoy the boat ride. After that, you’ll cycle through the islands of Ribandar, Divar, Chorao, and then back.

Trip Highlights

A cycling tour of Old Goa or other cycling in Goa trips can last up to three hours. Some routes or itineraries allow for stopping to visit churches or famous landmarks; some include a delicious local breakfast or lunch, and some are meant for you to just cycle through and admire the natural beauty of the area. But whatever itinerary you choose, you’ll get to see a side of Goa that not many tourists witness.

Other adventures in Goa

Aside from cycling trips in Goa, you’ll find relaxing snorkelling trips that take you to deserted beaches where you can take a peek at the beauty of the underwater world. If you want to discover more secrets of this fantastic world, you can sign up for scuba diving in Goa. You can also take up serene kayaking trips and thrilling motorbiking trips

What to carry

On your cycling adventure in Goa, you should wear comfortable clothes. Athletic leggings or shorts, and comfortable t-shirts are the best outfit for a cycling trip. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen lotion and a hat to protect your skin from the sun. You might also be required to carry bottled water and some snacks.

Best season

The winters are a good time for cycling tours of old Goa or rather, for any cycling trips in Goa. During this time, the sun is mild and the day remains cool for longer. Most cycling trips start in the morning, so you’ll be cycling in the cooler first half of the day.

Cycling In goa Trek Summary

  • State: Goa
  • Nearest city: Panaji
  • Total days: 1 days
  • Grade:Easy
  • Max altitude:450 feet
  • Season: November to February
  • Avg temperature: 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Best time to go/Weather

November to February brings in the winter season, which is the best time to explore Goa on cycles. The weather is pleasant and the temperature is not at its hottest. You'll be starting your cycling trip early in the morning so you’ll be able to feel the cool breeze as you cycle.

Goa is well-connected to the rest of India as well as the world by most modes of transport.

By plane: From anywhere in India, you can catch direct flights to Goa. International flights usually arrive via Mumbai. You'll land at Dabolim airport, which is the only airport in Goa. Once there, you can catch a cab/taxi to the pick up/starting point.

By train: The Indian Railway connects Goa to major cities in India with direct train services. The end destination is usually Madgaon station.

By bus: You can book state-run busses or private busses for an overnight bus trip to Goa from various Indian cities (mainly Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore and Bangalore).

By car: You can also choose to drive your own car to Goa and make a road trip out of it.

The attire for cycling includes a comfortable pair of shorts/track pants/leggings with a shirt/t-shirt. As for footwear, go for sneakers or other any other shoes that are comfortable and closed. Be sure to put on sunscreen before you step out.

A well-maintained and geared bicycle will be provided to you by your operator. He will also give you helmets and lights for safety. Apart from this, you will need to carry sun protective gear like sunscreen, sunglasses or a cap. You can also carry a light jacket for the cold. Carry a face towel to blot off sweat and some light, dry snacks in case you get hungry. If you are a spectacle wearer, fasten it to a strap so that it doesn’t fall off. You can also carry your camera along to document your adventure.

If you're confident on a cycle, you're all set for your cycling in Goa adventure. You can also adopt an exercise regime before your ride to make it more enjoyable. Taking on exercises that increase your stamina levels will enable you to not get tired easily and make your trip easier and more fun.

Cycling in Goa - Frequently Asked Questions

Wear t-shirt/shirts with track pants or shorts but above all make sure you're comfortable in what you wear. Wear sneakers or any comfortable closed shoes. If the morning chill bothers you, you can wear a light sweatshirt over your clothes. Be sure to always slather on sunscreen and wear your sunglasses when you’re cycling in Goa.

Your operator will provide you with a geared bicycle along with a helmet. Other than that, your packing list for Goa cycling starts with a small daypack to pack your essentials in. Carry sunscreen, sunglasses or a cap to protect yourself from the sun and a light jacket in case the cold gets to you. Pack a face towel to dab off sweat. You can also carry a small water bottle and some light snacks. If you wear spectacles, it is recommended that you attach a strap, to prevent it from falling off. You can also optionally carry a camera.

While cycling in Goa, you will cover a distance of about 28-33kms over 3-4 hours

A typical package includes the use of well-maintained bicycles with helmets and lights for safety, the services of a group leader and guide and mineral water. Some packages also offer breakfast, snacks and soft drinks.

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