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Discover Scuba Diving
Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India
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Rs. 9,300
Temple Adventures
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Scuba trip
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Rs. 9,300
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Scuba trip
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  • Trip introduction

    The Discover Scuba Diving course is a trial run for those who would like to be certified in scuba diving, but are not sure yet. In these sessions, you will learn basic safety guidelines and skills, and will dive with an experienced instructor.

    Your diving sessions combine one theory session, one session in a swimming pool to get comfortable with your equipment, and finally, one open water dive, where you'll head out into the sea to try out your newly acquired skills. It’s extremely safe and a lot of fun.

    IMPORTANT: This is not a fixed departure trip. It requires a minimum of 2 persons for a booking confirmation.


    Pondicherry is one of the best mainland diving destinations in India. There are gorgeous untouched reefs, a stunning range of fish like lion fish, grouper, kingfish, moray eels, eagle and manta rays, parrot fish, sea snakes, triggerfish, banner fish, crustaceans and even sharks, whale sharks, turtles and dolphins! There are more than 20 dive sites ranging from 10 metres to 40 metres depth, and visibility up to 40 metres. The water temperature is a comfortable 28 degrees, and there's plenty to do when you're not in the water too.

    Destination highlights

    • Dive in the azure waters of Pondicherry
    • Try your hand at diving in open waters
    • Go as deep as 12 meters
    • Swim among a great range of corals and fish

    Trip requirements

    Health conditions

    If you're participating in scuba diving, you should be in good health, without a medical history of respiratory problems, epilepsy, diabetic or recent surgery.

    Fine print

    Rules on the trip

    Do note that you cannot fly for at least 12 hours after your dive. Please make return bookings accordingly.

    Cancellation policy

    Up to 30 days: Deposits are fully-refundable.

    29-15 days: Deposits are 50% refundable.

    14-7 days: Deposits are non-refundable, but booking dates can be altered.

    Less than 7 days: Deposits are non-refundable and booking dates cannot be altered.

    Additional instructions, booking policies, terms and conditions

    The boat leaves by 7:00 am. If participants don't show up, are late, drunk, hung-over, or in a state deemed by our staff to be unsafe to dive, then they will lose their deposit and owe the supplier any unpaid funds as well.

    Trip details

    Pick up point
    There is no pick-up for this package.
    Drop off point
    Start point
    Temple Adventure's dive centre
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    End point
    Temple Adventure's dive centre
    Time of departure
    07:00 AM
    Time of return
    12:30 PM

    Activity Details

    Number of dives
    Average dive duration
    Hotel transter
    Maximum depth during course
    Average time per dive
    Mandatory travel insurance
  • Day 1: Training Session

    Participants undergo a theory session followed by a training session in the swimming pool. This session enables you to get comfortable with your gear in a controlled environment, and without the distraction of fish and corals. Once you're comfortable and confident, you'll be ready for your open water dive.

    Day 2: Deep Sea Dive

    Everything that you learned yesterday will be put into practice today. Your boat departs at 07:00 a.m, so make sure you've eaten a normal breakfast and are ready on time. You'll be taken out to a dive site for your dive. Your instructor accompanies you at every step of the way, and you'll be comfortable now. There is an abundance of corals and reefs for you to explore, as well as all sorts of fish and marine life. One dive session won't be enough for you! After you're done, you'll be brought back, where you can return your gear and discuss your trip. Trip ends here.

    Day 1 - Milestone

    Start point
    Temple Adventure's dive centre
    End point
    Temple Adventure's dive centre
    Day start time
    12:00 PM

    Day 2 - Milestone

    Start point
    Temple Adventure's dive centre
    End point
    Temple Adventure's dive centre
    Day start time
    06:45 AM
    Maximum depth
    12 m
    Total dive time
    30 mins
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  • Includes / Excludes

    • One 30-min open water scuba dive
    • Theory session and shallow water training
    • All equipment required for scuba diving
    • Boat transfers between dive center and dive spot
    • Services of certified dive instructor and support crew
    • Meal package including breakfast and snacks on Day 2
    • Underwater photos of the dive
    • All applicable taxes
    • Travel cost from home city to dive center
    • Any meals or accommodation in Pondicherry
    • Personal expenses like meals or beverages etc.
    • Any costs arising due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, natural calamities etc.
    • Adventure travel or health insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in inclusions

    What to Wear

      What to Wear
    • Swim wear
      What not to Wear
    • Expensive jewellery or watches

    Equipment / Gear

      We Provide
    • Nitrox compressor
    • Twin tanks
    • O2 medical kit
    • Medical kits in boat
      You need to get
    • Towel
    • Swim wear
    • Memory card/USB drive for taking home the photos

    Medical Kit

    • Please carry specific personal or prescribed medication, personal first-aid kit.
  • Please check the Overview tab for itinerary details. If you have further questions, you can chat with us online.
  • Marker on map shows trip start point.