• Trip introduction

    The Dudhsagar and Tambdi Surla Waterfall trek is a gorgeous adventure that takes you to the two of Goa’s most beautiful waterfalls. Conducted over 4 days, you’ll first embark on an enchanting trek along rail tracks, bridges and lush green vegetation to reach the Dudhsagar Waterfall. At a high of 1015 feet, this waterfall consists of four tiers with water cascading down at an incredible force that makes it appear milky white.

    After spending a night in a rustic homestay, you’ll travel to the mountainous interiors of Goa through a forested trek route to visit the Tambdi Surla Waterfall and ancient Mahadev Temple.

    Although both these waterfalls prove to be a delight for anyone who sees them, what truly makes this adventure beautiful is not just its destinations, rather the journey that takes you to them. From deciduous forests, you’ll travel through a plethora of gorgeous landscapes. Truly enriching – this trip offers a perfect escape for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts.


    Situated within the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and the Mollen National Park, Dudhsagar Waterfall lies on the border of Goa and Karnataka in the Western Ghats. Starting from Pune, you’ll first travel to the Kulem Railway Station from where you’ll begin your trek towards this scenic waterfall. Your route will encompass trekking through thick forest covers, rail tracks and more.

    The next day you’ll drive through winding roads to reach the Tambdi Surla Waterfall. Known to be one of the hardest waterfalls to reach in Goa, this waterfall lies deep within its mountains. You’ll do a short hike to reach it where you’ll enjoy exploring its spectacular beauty and ancient temple. From the Tambdi Surla Waterfall, you’ll then make your way back to the Kulem Station from where you’ll catch your train back to Pune.

    Destination highlights

    Explore 2 of Goa's famous waterfalls through the Dudhsagar and Tambdi Surla Waterfall trek. | Trek through scenic landscapes. | Feel the pride of visiting the 12th-century temple. | Earn the bragging rights of trekking up to one of the highest waterfalls in India. | Spend a night amidst Goa's wilderness.

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    25 kms

    9 hrs

    12.5 kms

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