Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about The Great Next.

What is The Great Next?

We’re an adventure travel marketplace. We help travellers looking for their NEXT thrill to find adventure operators who will organize it. If the itch for adventure strikes, we want to be the ones you think of. For other itches, call your doctor!
We’re all about being transparent and democratic. Customers see who is actually organizing the trip, operators get access to consumers directly. We just provide a platform and do the marketing to bring the two together.
Some people do yoga to find peace. Some people go for aromatherapy massages to relax. We think adventure is our path to nirvana (although we wouldn’t turn down an aromatherapy massage either!) and we want to share it.

Are the trips organized and conducted by The Great Next?
What makes us special?
Why don’t you have more trips?
Why does The Great Next only list adventure travel trips?
If I have a question about a specific adventure trip, what do I do?
If I want to make a cancellation, what do I do?
Why can’t I make a cancellation online, like other ecommerce sites?
Are there any charges for making a cancellation?
Does The Great Next have a mobile app?
Does The Great Next organize flight, train, car, bus, and hotel bookings?
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Are the adventure trips on The Great Next suitable for children?
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