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2020 Fireflies treks and camping, Maharashtra TripsDone

Purushwadi Fireflies Camp
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Purushwadi Fireflies Camp Bhandardara ,Maharashtra

2020 Fireflies treks and camping, Maharashtra

If you have seen pictures and have been waiting to experience the magical phenomenon of little glow bugs lighting up the forest then this is the best time to visit the Western Ghats of Maharashtra for a fireflies trek and see them for yourself. The monsoon season is the peak mating season for fireflies and we have listed the best places to catch a glimpse of these tiny twinkling beauties.

The glow bugs make light with specialised cells in their abdomens to attract a mate. This phenomenon is called bioluminescence and is shared by other organisms like a few marine creatures and even some trees.

Rajmachi fireflies trek

The fireflies trek to Rajmachi Village combines the best that a monsoon trek has to offer: a fun trek in the night through a beautiful forest to see the miracle of fireflies and a challenging pinnacle climb to the fort the next day.

Located near the famous hills of Matheran and Lonavala, the Rajmachi fort stands at an altitude of 2710 feet and offers you a fabulous trekking route. This Rajmachi fireflies trek takes you deep into the rugged mountains of the Sahyadris, to see the magical dance of fireflies during the short season when they appear. The pre-monsoon showers are prime mating time for these bugs, and you'll see them light up the night sky to find their mates. You'll also get a chance to view the iconic Rajmachi fort and enjoy a monsoon trek.

Fireflies trek Kondana Caves

A unique experience in so many ways, the Kondana Caves fireflies trek doesn't just take you through ancient Buddhist caves, but it does so in the dark of the night! You'll enjoy an hour-long night trek through a dark forest, and explore the caves at night. It’s a thrilling journey navigated with nothing but the flickering from your merry little friends (the fireflies) and the torches in your hands. Top this off with incredible ghost stories and a chance to stay in a local village for the night, and you'll have a weekend adventure that you'll never forget.

This adventure is quite easy to get to, so is perfect for a weekend adventure getaway from Mumbai or Pune. The Kondana caves are located at the foot of the Rajmachi fort, near Karjat and are ancient Buddhist caves, and are fine specimens of intricate art. You'll enjoy exploring them as much as seeing the fireflies dancing in the dark.

Fireflies trek to Prabalmachi

The fireflies trek to Prabalmachi village is a beautiful journey that takes you to the top of Prabalgad to a plateau with spectacular views, and gives you the chance to witness the breath-taking phenomenon of an open air “light-show” by glowing fireflies! You'll trek after dark, which is a thrill like no other, and spot plenty of fireflies.

Located between the Mumbai and Pune highway, tucked away in the hills, lies the quaint little village of Prabalmachi. It receives heavy rainfall in the monsoon and is a breeding ground for fireflies. You'll be staying here, enjoying a midnight ramble through nature to see male fireflies light up to woo the females. The fireflies trek is an amazing experience and brings you closer to nature.

Bhandardara Camping

Located in the Western Ghats of Ahmednagar, Bhandardara is holiday destination that is a short 185 kilometres from Mumbai. Being situated between mountains, this region contains a wide variety of vegetation and is home to millions of fireflies. On this fireflies trek, you’ll see an extravagant spectacle as the firefly’s glow red and yellow, lighting up the sky! Whether you see them in secret nooks, between tree leaves or just fluttering about above you, the sight is absolutely magical.

There are picturesque camp sites in Bhandadara for a cosy camping experience with bonfires and ghost stories. The scenery is absolutely beautiful with lush green forest all around, a shining lake and countless waterfalls! It is also home to the highest peak in Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai and you will find gorgeous views of Pravara River, Randha Falls and the famous Bhandardara Lake.