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Gokyo Ri Trek, Nepal TripsDone

Gokyo Ri Trek
days 13
Gokyo Ri Trek Kathmandu ,Nepal
Gokyo Valley Trek
days 15
Gokyo Valley Trek Kathmandu ,Nepal

Gokyo Ri Trek, Nepal

About the Gokyo Ri trek

The Gokyo Valley trek goes through the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal, giving you a chance to explore dense woods of oak and birch, ancient villages, icy glaciers, and panoramic views of the Mount Everest. The six glacial melt lakes are a shimmering blue-green colour against the rocky mountain terrain.

Gokyo village is one of the highest settlements in the world at 17,500 feet. It is a small village, with only a few stone tea houses, lodges and homes. You’ll have a priceless opportunity to see what life is like in these harsh conditions, and will come back with the memories of a lifetime.

Best season for Gokyo Ri trek

The post winter months from April-May are the best time to do the Gokyo Ri Trek. The weather is not too harsh and the skies are clear, which means you’ll get excellent views of Mount Everest.

Gokyo Ri trek itinerary

You’ll spend the first two days of the trek in Kathmandu, allowing yourself time to acclimatize. After that, you’ll be flown to Lukla, which is the start point of the Gokyo Ri trek. From Lukla, you’ll proceed to Phakding and Namche Bazaar, where you’ll stop for further acclimatization. After this, your trek route diverges from the Everest route, heading onwards to Dole and Machcherma, and finally arriving at Gokyo village. You’ll spend a day or two exploring Gokyo, before heading back along a different route to Lukla.

Gokyo Ri trek packages

The Gokyo Ri trek is a tea-house trek, which means you’ll be staying at tea houses on the trek. The trek route to Gokyo is the same as the Everest route, up till Namche Bazaar, after which you'll take a diversion in the trail towards Gokyo. The packages differ based on inclusions, so do check your options carefully. It is advisable to opt for meals and transport included in your packages, as even basics can get more and more expensive as you climb to higher altitudes.

What is the difficulty level for the Gokyo Ri trek?

While the Gokyo Ri trek is not a technical one, it requires excellent stamina and good levels of fitness. You will be trekking for 5-7 hours a day, for about 12 days out of the 2-week itinerary, and at high altitudes.

Gokyo Ri Trek, Nepal - Frequently Asked Questions

Gokyo Ri is not a technical trek, but it is difficult because of duration and conditions in which it takes place. The trek takes place at a high altitude, and can be tiring for participants. There are at least 12 days of trekking, and you can expect to be trekking for at least 5-7 days. Due to all these factors, this trek is not recommended for beginners.

Depending on the season in which you’re going, your operator will provide you with a comprehensive packing list. You should make sure you have rain covers for your backpack and day pack, and have enough warm clothes.

The Gokyo Ri trek usually takes place after the winter, from April-May. During these months, the weather is not too harsh and the skies are clear, offering great views of Mount Everest.