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    The Hampta Pass trek takes you to into the dense jungles and open meadows of the Pir Panjal mountain range near Manali on a easy, 5-day adventure. During the trek, you'll hike over rock-strewn trails, pass small hillside villages, hike alongside a gushing river stream and admire absolutely stunning views of a lush green valley. As you progress further, you'll witness a dramatic change in the scenery as you cross Hampta Pass and enter the arid and cold mountains of the Spiti Valley. A major highlight of the trek, you'll visit the cresent-shaped Chandratal Lake and its turquoise blue waters, a perfect destination to click some amazing photos.


    One of the most beloved treks near Manali, the Hampta Pass trek attracts hundreds of travellers with all levels of experience each year. Decades ago, this high-altitude mountain pass connected the two regions of Manali and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Even today, native villagers continue to use the trail and local shepherds are often seen using the green meadows of the trail as grazing fields for sheep and goats. The pass is named after the namesake Hampta village, located at the base of the mountain pass.

    Destination highlights

    Cross the Hampta Pass at more than 14,000 feet of elevation. | Embark on an easy yet rewarding trek in Himachal Pradesh. | Spend 5 days trekking in dense forests and mountains. | Get views of the differing landscapes of Manali and Spiti. | Visit the enchanting moon-shaped Chandratal Lake. | Camp in tents at scenic locations and wake up to misty mornings.

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    24 kms

    17 hrs

    6 kms

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