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Harishchandragad Trek TripsDone

Trek to Harishchandragadh
days 2
Trek to Harishchandragadh Ahmednagar ,Maharashtra
Harishchandragad Night Trek
days 2
Harishchandragad Night Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Harishchandragad Trek
days 1
Harishchandragad Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Harishchandragad Trek (via Nali-chi Vaat)
days 3
Harishchandragad trek and Konkankada camping
days 2
Harishchandragad Fort Trek
days 3
Harishchandragad Fort Trek Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Trek to Harishchandragadh (Ex-Pune)
days 1
Harishchandragad Trek via Pachnai (ex-Pune)
days 2
Trek to Harishchandragad via Nalichi Vaat
days 3
Trek to Harishchandragad via Nali chi Vaat
days 3
Overnight Trek to Harishchandragad via Pachnai Route
days 2
Weekend trek to Harishchandragad
days 2
Weekend trek to Harishchandragad Mumbai ,Maharashtra

Harishchandragad Trek

About Harishchandragad Fort

One of the most interesting elements of the Harishchandragad trek and other treks in Maharashtra is the immense history and legend that exists all over the Sahyadris. Almost every trek you go on has sites or monuments built on them, with the ruins of ancient forts and ramparts waiting for you to explore them. The old hill fort of Harishchandragad is one such trek. At the top of the Harishchandragad fort, you’ll find a cave that houses an ancient temple with a Shivling structure.

About the trek

Considered to be one of Maharashtra’s more challenging treks, the Harishchandragad trek is not for complete beginners. The trail goes over rocky patches, steep inclines, and some scary drops. There are boulders of all sizes along your route, and you'll be clambering over them all the way up. The biggest attraction here is Konkankada. Also known as a 'Cobra's hood', the spot attracts a lot of adventure lovers throughout the year.

Other sites you will be able to enjoy while on this trek, will include the pristine and cool water of the Saptatirtha lake, the Kedareshwar temple that flaunts its old walls like armour and the Konkan Cliff, that is famous for its circular rainbow during the day caused by the sheer mist in the valley.

Route for the trek

You’ll set off early for the Harishchandragad trek, so that you can finish the ascent before the sun is too high in the sky. After breakfast and a quick briefing session at the base village, you’ll set off. The trail to Harishchandragad fort gets quite steep in sections, and there are rocks and boulders to be tackled. This section takes about 3 hours, but it’s great fun.

You’ll stop for lunch en route, and then carry on up to the top for another 3 hours. You should get to the top by around 16:00 hrs, in time to rest a bit, explore the area, and head to the sunset point to watch a spectacular sunset. After that, you’ll enjoy a campfire and a hot dinner, and then retire to your tents for the night.

The mornings are glorious on this trek. You’ll wake up to watch the mist lifting from the valley below. Eat a hot breakfast, and then begin your descent. By 13:00 hrs, you’re at the end point. The trip comes to an end here.

Best time to go

The trek takes place all year round, as the weather is never too extreme. However, the locals suggest not hiking on the rocky surface in the monsoons, particularly during the night, where one can experience heavy rainfall with thunder.

Harishchandragad trek summary

  • State: Maharashtra
  • Nearest city: Mumbai/Pune
  • Total days: 2-3 days
  • Grade: Challenging
  • Max altitude:4665 ft
  • Total trekking distance: 15 km
  • Season: Around the year except for monsoons
  • Avg temperature: 15 to 30 degrees Celsius

Sketch itinerary:

Day 1: Trek to the fort and camp at Konkankada

  • Start point: Kasara Station
  • End point: Konkankada
  • Day start time: 12:00 AM
  • Trekking distance: 10 km
  • Trekking time: 3 hrs
  • Enjoy a bonfire and dinner at 20:00 hrs
  • Accommodation: Overnight tents at Konkankada

Day 2: Ascend to Taramati Peak and back to Mumbai

  • Start point: Konkankada
  • End point: Kasara Station
  • Day start time: 04:00 AM
  • Trekking distance: 13 km
  • Trekking time: 6 hrs
  • Trek to the Taramati Peak for sunrise
  • Board a train to Mumbai from Kasara
Detailed itinerary:

Day 1: Trek to the fort and camp at Konkankada

You will have to plan your trip to reach Kasara Station by 03:00. Board a fast local from CST Station. Once you reach Kasara station around 03:00 hrs you will meet your tour operator and fellow trekkers. From Kasara station you will be transported to Pachnai Village which is the base village of the trek.

Here you will have your breakfast and then begin your trek to Konkankada by 08:15 hrs. by 11:00 hrs you will reach Konkankada and have your packed lunch. You can rest here and then explore the fort, take pictures and relax for a bit. You will get to the campsite at Konkankada and can spend time at leisure.

The sunset from Konkankada is beautiful. You will enjoy a bonfire and the serenity of the campsite. Dinner will be served early around 20:00 hrs. You will retire to your tents for a good night’s sleep.

Day 2: Ascend to Taramati Peak and back to Mumbai

Your day will start early as you will wake up at 04:00 hrs to begin your ascent to the Taramati Peak. Witness the gorgeous sunrise from the Taramati Peak. You will then descend to Konkankada. You will take a break to have your breakfast and enjoy the view.

You will make your way back to the base village and have a scrumptious lunch. From there you will be transported to Kasara Station from where you can take a train to reach Mumbai. Your trip ends here.


Travelling cost from Kasara back to Kasara is included in the package. Meals and refreshments mentioned in the package selected will be served. Accommodation during the trek is provided on triple/quadruple sharing basis. The charges of the tour expert is included. The package is inclusive of all taxes.


Travelling expenses from CST Station to Kasara and from Kasara back to CST station isn’t included. Any cost for extra meals, packaged water, soft drinks isn’t included. Any personal expenses and tips etc. are not included. Any kind of insurance isn’t included. Anything not mentioned in the inclusions will be additional.

Sketch itinerary:

Day 1: Start from Kalyan

  • Start point: Kalyan Railway Station by 23:00 hrs
  • End point: Belpada village
  • Day start time: 11:30 PM
  • Take a short nap

Day 2: Reaching Harishchandragad

  • Start point: Belpada
  • End point: Harishchandragad
  • Day start time: 05:00 AM
  • Trekking distance: 6 kms
  • Trekking time: 8 hrs
  • Overnight stay in tents

Day 3: Return trek

  • Start point: Harishchandragad
  • End point: Kalyan Railway Station
  • Day start time: 06:00 AM
  • Trekking distance: 6 km
  • Trekking time: 4 hrs
  • You will be dropped to Kalyan station
Detailed itinerary:

Day 1: Start from Kalyan

For the trek to Harishchandragad, you will have to assemble at the Kalyan Station where you will meet your fellow trekkers. Together you will be transported to Belpada, which is the base village for the trek. You will reach the base village by 03:00 hrs. You can rest or take a snap here

Day 2: Reaching Harishchandragad

You will start early for the trek and wake up at 05:00 hrs and have your breakfast. Your trek will start by 06:00 hrs to Nali which is at a three-hour distance from the base. You will halt by noon for lunch and eat your packed lunch.

You will resume your trek and around 16:00 you will reach Konkankada and watch the sunset. You can rest here at the campsite. Later you will enjoy a bonfire and spend some fun time with your team. Dinner will be served by 21:00 hrs and you can retire to your tents.

Day 3: Return trek

You will be lucky to witness the sunrise from this point. After breakfast, you will continue your trek. On your way, you will visit the Harishchandragad temple, Shivling and caves. You will then head to Tolarkhind and reach Khireshwar by 13:00 hrs. From here you will be dropped to Kalyan Station from where you can take a train back to Mumbai.


The trip cost includes travel arrangements from Kalyan Station to the base village and back to Kalyan Station. Meals mentioned in the package selected will be served. Tents will be available on a triple sharing basis and rubber sleeping mats may be provided. Please check your package details with the operator for exact inclusions. Gear and trip leader charges are included. The package is inclusive of all taxes.


Lunch on day 3 is not included in the package. Train travel or any transport to Kalyan. Blankets or sleeping bags are not included. Any personal expenses such as beverages, extra meals, etc. are not included in the meals, nor are any kind of expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, roadblocks, strikes, etc. Lastly, anything that is not mentioned in the inclusions will be charged on an additional basis, as used.

Best time to go/Weather

The Harishchandragad trek takes place all year round, as the weather is never too extreme. However, hiking on the rocky surface in the monsoons, particularly during the night, is not advisable where one can experience heavy rainfall with thunder.

By train: reach Kalyan Station from here you will be driven to the base village for the trek

The meeting point of this trek to Harishchandragad is Kalyan Railway Station. If you are coming from Mumbai, then you can reach here via local train from Thane or CST, or by a local bus or taxi.

Once you reach Kalyan, you’ll meet the tour operator who will take you to the base village of the trek, Thakurwadi, via local transport.

You need to wear basic clothes like a quick-dry t-shirt and trek pants, along with good quality trekking shoes. Also, wear sunglasses and a sun cap. If you are going during the monsoon season, you also need to wear a raincoat/poncho, and you need to wear a light jacket for the winter season.

Make sure the shoes are trekking shoes and that they provide good support and ample grip. The clothes you wear should be comfortable and non-restrictive too.

Here are a few things that you will need to carry on the trek. A backpack for carrying essentials. An extra pair of clothes, socks, and napkins. You will have to carry a windcheater or a jacket, 2 ltr water bottle, a pair of floaters, torch. Carry a few sheets of newspaper, electoral powder and any other personal medications, a swiss army knife, cap, insect repellent, sleeping bag and a camera.

The trek is not an easy one and is not advised for absolute beginners. The climbs are steep and many place the ascent is tricky requiring strength and fitness to navigate the trail. Those with prior trekking experience of moderate to difficult treks or fit beginners can do this trek.

Harishchandragad Trek - Frequently Asked Questions

The Harishchandragad trek is one of the popular and challenging treks in Maharashtra. The weather here is perfect, no matter what time of the year you go for the trek. there I also a lot to explore here at this ancient fort however, the locals suggest to avoid this trek in the monsoon for the rocky and steep trails that may get slipper

The Harishchandragad Fort is not an easy one to do. For its arduous trail it is important that you have trekked in the past and possess the know how of this activity with a certain level of fitness.

Tents are arranged on triple sharing basis. Sleeping mats are also provided. There is also a washroom and changing facility available on this trek

It is important to wear comfortable and quick-dry clothes on the trek. a good pair of trekking shoes is also important. Along with that, you may also refer to the ‘What to Carry’ list above for more information. Your tour operator will also share a list of things that are important to carry for the trek.

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    We went to harishchandragad and the experience was amazing thanks to dhanraj and kunal bhai to set us up for this amazing trek , the people who accompanied us made our trip more amazing this is the most amazing experience I've ever had