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    This trek to Harishchandragad Fort takes you over the rugged terrain that is typical of the Sahyadris. You’ll negotiate steep slopes and rocky outcrops to summit to the top and witness a gorgeous sunset from Konkankada. There is also a stunning sunrise to be witnessed from the top of Taramati peak where the marshmallow clouds sail only a few feet above. You'll camp at the iconic Konkankada cliff that looks like cobra’s hood, and will return the next day.

    IMPORTANT: This is a moderate to challenging trek and is not recommended for first-time trekkers. This trek does NOT take the tougher route via Nali chi Vaat, but it is still suitable only for trekkers with prior experience.


    Harishchandragad is an ancient fort which stands at an astounding altitude of 3500 feet. On the trek to Harishchandragad fort, you’ll be trekking into the forested interiors of Maharashtra, through picturesque tiny hamlets, steep hills, and waterfalls. You’ll also trek to Maharashtra’s second highest peak, Taramati, from where you can see the Ajoba Hills and the Alang, Madan, Kulang forts.

    Destination highlights

    Witness a stunning sunset from the top of Konkankada. | Trek over craggy slopes and rocky outcrops. | Delve into the history of the Harishchandragad fort and explore its ancient remnants. | Take photographs of the Kedareshwar Caves. | Trek to Taramati Peak to witness a scenic sunrise. | Enjoy a fun-filled bonfire and camping on the Konkankada cliff.

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    14 km

    9 hours

    7 km

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