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    Himalayan Backpacker aims to bring the beauty of the Himalayas to travellers on a budget. We offer reasonably priced adventures that don't cut corners yet manage to steal the breath of our travellers. Apart from managing treks, we also operate our own Himalayan Backpacker hostels designed to provide accommodation to travellers that come seeking mysteries of the Himalayas. | Himalayan Backpacker is a unit of Himalayan Snow Runner, one of the leading companies that organizes treks to destinations in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.



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    Himalayan Backpacker promotes sustainable tourism by following ecologically sensitive guidelines. We seek the support of our clients in helping us leaving the smallest carbon footprint by following the same guidelines. We also expect our clients to remain culturally sensitive by respecting local culture and traditions, particularly when visiting houses of worhip and interacting with locals.
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    Himalayan Snow Runner, Near Marwari Hotel, Badrinath Road, Chamoli

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